Character Description: Prevailer

Prevailer is a little shorter than average, slightly pudgy.  She is dark skinned and has dark hair, tied up in short dreads.  Her face is generally unremarkable, She wouldn’t look out of place swiping a credit card at a grocery store.  Her pronouns are capitalized.

She wears the clothes of the determined petty criminal that She once was.  Beat up jeans, worn out sneakers, and a top that generally references a sports team from the old world.  Her warping power recreates Her clothing, so She rarely bothers to change or wash it.  She often has a gun stuck in the belt of Her pants, and used to carry around a baseball bat.


There is nothing obviously Ultrahuman about Prevailer, when She is not warping.  When She warps, the new body simply pops into existence, as though the rendering engine for reality just decided to draw in an extra tyrant.  The old form explodes, with a degree of violence ranging from ‘huge bomb’ to ‘harmless pop’, depending on Her decision.

Prevailer’s attitude is one of comprehensive entitlement and cruelty.  She considers the entire earth to be Her property, and every living being Her slave.  She is curt and without compassion in communication, accustomed to getting Her way instantly and intolerant of any delays.

Prevailer is thoroughly evil, by most any moral system that can be applied.  She kills without hesitation, takes without need and displays no remorse for Her actions.  She is thoroughly contemptuous of Her people’s cowardice and ignorance, even though it was Her atrocities that created this attitude.

Everyone is afraid of Prevailer.

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