In Council

My fellow Divinities, I know it is rare for me to put forward a motion.  I am more comfortable in my position as administrator, far from the spotlight.

Nevertheless, it is incumbent upon me to speak.

We have been handed a gift by Providence.  It would be churlish indeed to allow it to pass idly by.  If you will it, if you permit it, then I shall embody the limb with which we reach out and seize it.

I believe, wholeheartedly, in this ‘Dragon’s’ information.  I believe that the Regime has fatally erred, that the Demon has, at long last, made a mistake.  She is sending her best away from her protection, a meal from which we cannot turn away.

I am prepared to do the work.  I shall destroy these Fists of our infernal foe.  I require of the Council only one thing.  A dispensation, if you will.

Let me take from the Army of Sunset an Ultra of my choosing.  Moses.  Let me put our servant to work.

I know what I am asking.  Even among the Thousand, she stands out.  Her gift is mighty, and versatile.  It is strategically significant, battleplans are built around it.

But it is not irreplaceable.  The Army has six others of similar capacity.  Her loss would be felt, but not fatal.

It does not escape me that certain Council members believe that I have aims other than service to our mighty Pantheon.  Vote in my favor, you skeptics, and I risk my life in battle with our foes.  You rid yourself of the one you believe to be a traitor, or you see the armies of your enemy decimated.

Our labors have occasionally been likened to those of a farmer.  We strike the world so that it will rise and fall as we will it.  Hard work, and difficult.  Always we strive.  Always we sow.

But not this time.

Give Moses to Death, and we shall reap.

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