Divergence Alert

Attention 6th Border Defense Units,

Tracking has verified that the Regime strategic asset designated Strongboat [see earlier threat briefings] has turned from its path and is advancing on Union territory.

Regime Intelligence is adamant that this action is not in the Strongboat’s mission profile, and that the vessel will soon resume course through the Mediterranean and towards the canal.  Nevertheless, we must prepare for all eventualities.

You are hereby directed to activate reconnaissance and evacuation options consistent with a Regime covert attack [see appropriate operation plans] on your area of responsibility.  Emphasis is to be placed upon containment and disruption.

Command understands that the forces at your disposal are insufficient to confront the enemy [see profiles for Neo Fourth Fist, Sixth Fist and Adder].  Reinforcements will be limited and should not be relied upon, as Intelligence is adamant that if this attack actually occurs it will only be a decoy, designed to draw our forces away from an active war zone.

Consequently, Command has granted approval for deployment of Prohibited Assets whose class is A or worse.  You are enjoined to exercise utmost caution in these deployments [see safety profiles for Prohibited Assets], as the enemy may begin to formulate countermeasures once they become aware that these technologies exist.

That admonition aside, your duty remains the protection of our citizenry.  Maintaining the technical disparity must take a backseat to preserving the lives entrusted to your care.

Fight well, and be careful.

2 thoughts on “Divergence Alert

  1. It’s unclear in what way Death twisted the sea, but you’d think that soon enough the Strongboat’s crew would realize they’re going the wrong way and act to correct it. Surely Death can’t turn the whole of the sea into a riptide for her purposes, nor make it last.

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