Kriti Detonation, Talking Points

Yes, an unexpected nuclear event did occur on the date in question.

Yes, it did so on our sovereign territory.

No, it was not a new type of enemy missile we are unable to detect.

No, it did no damage to our stalwart defenders.

Yes, it was larger than any warhead used by our Pantheon adversaries thus far.

No, it was not larger than the warheads we used in the Second Defiance.

Yes, our vaunted intelligence services have already determined the means by which the ordnance was delivered to its target.

No, that information is not available to the public at this time.

Yes, our forces remain confident of their ability to repel any and all terrorist invaders.

2 thoughts on “Kriti Detonation, Talking Points

  1. Isn’t the Union’s official language English? How come they call Crete by its Greek name in their official report?

    1. The Union’s narrative is that they are the last remnants of the Old World. They use old names from time to time as part of this general atmosphere.

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