In Council : 2

[Note from the author:  November is upon us, and once again this year I’m going to try and do NaNoWriMo.  I know that readership dies off if you leave your serial idle for a month, however, so I’m going to try and get some updates up.  I’ve got some pictures that an artist I know online drew, there is a recording of the first chapter of the serial, etc.  There should still be SOMETHING each wednesday/sunday, even if it isn’t a full updates.  I hope you will stick with me!]

My fellow Divinities, let none say that Death hides her failures from the eyes of the Pantheon.

The servants given over to my keeping have been rendered up unto the slaughter.  Banshee, Gorgon and Moses are no longer among the number of our worthy minions.

At that last name, well do I know that lamentations arise.  ‘Was she not to be kept far from danger?’ will be the cry of Isis and her faction.  ‘Was she not of substantial rank within the Army Of Sunset?’

I have few excuses to offer in the face of these accusations, other than the trite truism that war follows its own internal logic, and is rarely considerate of our most energetic pleas.

Ah, there is one other thing, I suppose, that I can mention as a mitigating factor.

Moses’s death was not in vain.  The Demon’s Sixth Fist is shattered.  Its leader may cling to life, but the  majority are dead, and unlike on previous occasions, will remain so.

Oh, and judging by the light and great cloud to the north, the Demon’s left hand, Adder, may have also been blasted from this world.  That’s probably worth something.

Right, I should probably note that I drove the survivors of my attack, which is likely just the new Fourth Fist, up into the Union. We need no longer fear that the Thousand will be struck down by Adder’s fury.

So I guess I am not apologizing for a failure after all, but reporting a great triumph.  Funny how that works out.  It is almost like I am a mighty Ultra, and my doubters fear my terrible power, and vent through jealous carping and whining the feelings that they would never dare bring up to my face.

Hmmph, I’m sorry for the muddled messages there.  I guess I am an old woman, after all, as Isis is so fond of pointing out.  No doubt she’s killed two Adders during this time, or at least broken all of the remaining Fists.

I’ve decided to stay on the battlefield for a while.  I’m going to take charge of this season’s attacks on the Union.  Maybe I’ll have a few more failures to apologize for.

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