The Link

Prevailer’s most dreaded minions are bound together by a gift known as ‘the Link’.  This gift provides them with myriad advantages, and over time information as to how it functions has leaked out.

1: Linked individuals are aware of the actions and whereabouts of other members of the Link.

This doesn’t seem to be factual awareness, that is, a Fist member couldn’t tell you which room of a building another one was in.  Rather, it is the kind of awareness that you have of your arms, even when you are holding them behind your back.  You’d know what signs your fingers were making, not because you could see them or sense them in any other way, but because you’d feel the impulse to form those signs.

The Link provides, to each of its members, a low level version of this.  They know what each other are up to, in a diminished but similar way to how they know what they themselves are doing.

In the popular ‘kite’ method of visualizing souls and Ultra gifts the Linked are said to have had their souls wrapped around one another’s, and that the impulses that they are sending to their bodies sort of pollute each other’s experiences.

2: Every 24 hours the Link brings all of the team back to life, if they are dead.

They return in the same physical condition that they were the last time it ‘synced’ them up, 24 hours ago.  They retain the memories that they gained during the day.

Apparently, even while the Linked individuals are dead, the sense that the others have of them from the first benefit persists.  The deceased team member is still providing the same intent contamination to the others, and remains equally perceptible to them.  They describe the ‘location’ of the fallen as a sort of extra dimensional direction, ‘inside’ in at least 4 separate accounts.

The Link can bring the entire Fist back to life, so long as at least one member of it is still alive.  In order to destroy a Fist it would be necessary to kill every member of it, or to find some way to directly destroy the Link.

3 thoughts on “The Link

  1. Thinking on it, this almost seems like a more narrowly focused version of the “ultra awareness” Prevailer and Adder have. Which makes me wonder how many people are actually aware such an ability can exist, who has it, and who might know Prevailer’s secret. I have to assume Answerer knows about it (she seems smart enough to put two and two together through observation or catching P’s slip-ups). Adder and Linker/Snitcher might have known, but obviously would be in no position to tell anyone. I assume Andy would have spilled the beans at some point if she knew, but maybe she has some personal reason not to say.

    No doubt someone in the Pantheon has such a power or has figured things out, but could easily have reasons to keep it a secret for the purpose of political power plays. The Union, obviously we don’t really know them that well, but I figured they must still be in the dark or they’d have incorporated it into their strategies.

  2. Where is a read Fist member actually resurrected? Say if the Fist has only two surviving members and they are a couple of miles away from each other, do the dead come back to the one closest to their point of death? To the one they are closest to emotionally? Exactly in between the two survivors distance wise?

    Also, both for Prevailer and Haunter’s shades they get clothes and equipment when being reembodied, and both Fader and Preventer affect their own clothing (though not the hat in Preventer’s case). Do people resurrected by the Link also get clothing, either tied to self image or to pre-death or pre-Link conditions?

    1. The dead members of a Fist still have their ‘Fist-Sense’, if you will. They can still feel the presence and actions/emotions of the rest of the Fist. It’s actually a little stronger while they are dead. They use this to choose where to incorporate when they return to life.

      Their gear comes along with them, the originals of both body and gear crumble down to naught as the new ones enter the world.

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