Union Negotiating Team Membership

Lead Negotiator: Meghan De Oude

Meghan is ultimately responsible for the contents of this meeting.  Her job is to get the best possible agreement for us, with relatively broad latitude.  She will be briefed by Central during any breaks, but she is the local authority.  She will do most of the talking during this meeting, and should find herself sitting across from the Fist’s leader, Indulger.

Deputy Negotiator: Jamad Hawi

Jamad is primarily responsible for exercising a check on Meghan’s behavior.  He will interrupt if she begins revealing anything still confidential, or agreeing to anything outside of the bounds set forth in the briefing document.  His primary focus should be on Meghan’s condition, raising an alert if she becomes distraught or enraged.  He will sit next to her, across from Haunter if at all possible.

Intelligence Consultant: Chad Schule

Chad is on loan from intelligence services, and has a different mission from the rest of you.  His responsibility is to gather as much information as possible from the enemy.  He is to be extended all possible cooperation which does not endanger the success of the primary mission.  He will be sitting on Meghan’s other side, across from Preventer.

Security Consultant: Darcy Rex

As the most highly rated friendly Ultrahuman combatant your responsibility is to get the negotiators out of the conflict zone alive in the event of treachery.  Your particular gift should allow you to displace yourselves into your ‘shroud’, there to remain until you are signaled.  Obviously, we would prefer that you remove all VIPs, but if you have to choose the order is Chad, Meghan, Jamad. You will be sitting on the outside, across from either Fisher or Condemner.

Deputy Security Consultant: Lynn Durand

Lynn’s role is to buy time, in the event of hostilities breaking out.  Your reports indicate that your subordinate’s Ultra toughness is beyond Fourth Fist’s ability to damage, at least in the short term.  She is to execute a fighting retreat, allowing reinforcements to arrive.  She will be sitting across from either Fisher or Condemner.


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