The world once more.

I thought it had escaped the coming fire.  When Preventer snuffed me, I felt no fear, no panic.  Merely regret, an  anguished sense of a task left undone.

I hadn’t imagined that I would once again behold it, but I should never have doubted.  Nirav is a nothing, a trifle.  Merely a song stuck in my head.  Any hold that Linker had on ‘him’, was truly on me.

But I have lost time.  I can see Nirav’s memories, and I was absent in truth for a month while Indulger screwed around with Her, and then for an entire trip on some absurd boat.

Why was I returned this time, but not in Redo?  The only answer that I can give is that ‘I’ died in Redo, starved out by Preventer’s damnable barriers.  But ‘Nirav’ was blasted on that boat.

I can think of no reason his gift should work in that manner, but I am not a puling human, who must understand something before he can exploit it.  I am the fire unchecked, which will consume all before it.

‘Nirav’, and his infantile friends believe me gone, believe that they have escaped Condemnation.  It suits me that they believe so.  It will blind them to my movements, as I prepare a a revenge beyond their capacity to imagine.

They will be watching, this time.  Dark glasses won’t conceal my influence a second time.  I will need to be careful.  Haunter has a thousand eyes.  Fisher knows her lover’s shadow like no other.  And my ultimate foe is invincible.

What of it?

Preventer should savor every breath, but such is not her nature.  She is the kind of human who spends her present, each and every second of it, in obsessive contemplation of her future.  She squanders each moment, mortgages them for the next.

A foolish bargain.  Her future holds only fire eternal.

3 thoughts on “Embers

  1. Aw hell yeah, shits gunna git lit.

    On fire, not weed.

    Do they even still have weed in the Regime? I cant tell if She would be for or against some kind of drug trade. On the one hand, its the sort of deplorable thing she might be into. On the other hand she doesn’t seem to allow any businesses to thrive independent of whatever might be happening with the Company.

    1. They have weed. You can get it from a Company Facility or grow your own. Folks actually smoke quite a bit.

      Our story never really dips into the daily life of a Regime citizen, but there is a horrible tedium there. Any diversion is welcome.

      Prevailer doesn’t generally forbid anything other than rebellion, explicitly. Well, religion, but that’s about it. The reason there is little to no economy is a combination of the Company Facilities removing the stick (starvation), and Ultra plundering removing the carrot (can’t have luxuries because the Boss of your town just steals it).

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