Chatter : 2

Roy: Are you online?  This is urgent.

DRex: I’m here.

Roy: The Second Intervention Group are refusing sortie orders.

DRex: What?

Roy: They have signaled receipt but not compliance, and they aren’t moving.  Monitoring enlisted social feeds makes it seem as though the leadership are not passing the orders on.

DRex: A mutiny?  By an Intervention Group?  That doesn’t make any sense.  And why are you asking me about it?

Roy: We are also dealing with a few other things at the same time.  The one that relates to you is a message from Ambassador Meghan, offering Fourth Fist’s services in our time of need.

DRex: How did they know about this problem?

Roy: Yeah.

DRex: Ok, so you want my read on them?  Like, beyond what I’ve put in the reports?

Roy: No.  I want your read on our own people.  Does the Fist have their girlfriends tied to a railroad track or something?  Why didn’t we get any advance warning about this?

DRex: No way.  I haven’t seen any hostility here at all.  Honestly my squads have been regarding this as basically a soft assignment.  This Fist seems practically tame.  I know how that sounds, but I swear these people aren’t evil.  Or they are AMAZING actors.

Roy: For right now, what I need to know is that they haven’t coerced our staff.

DRex: I can’t rule it out, but I think we’d have known.  Protocol gives them several silent alarm variants they could have reached out to us with if the Regime tried to pull anything.

Roy: And the Second Intervention Group, can you think of a way the Fist could have known about this disturbance before it happened?

DRex: Nothing comes to mind.

DRex: No, wait.  I think there was an inspection a while back.  It should be logged somewhere.  That’s a possible connection.

Roy: Ok.  Command is shuttering the whole operation.  Get our people out of there.

DRex: You want us to deploy to the Intervention Group afterwards, try and get to the bottom of what is going on?

Roy: Negative.  Gauntlet is handling that.

DRex: How about their mission?

Roy: Drones will take care of it.

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