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I must stress that all that follows assumes that Zeus’s praetorian unit keeps to its current pattern of slow, open, unconcealed travel.  There is no reason for them to do so.

Nonetheless, you asked for the odds on various methods of intervention, and we’ve run the numbers, with SPARTACUS backup.


The enemy are estimated at a thousand Ultrahuman combatants, with approximately two thirds of them rated at high Rank 2’s, and the remainder, we must assume, able to function as Rank 3 Ultrahuman combatants.

We have gamed out the following scenarios.  The confidence measures are included in the attached, report, but suffice to say they are low, and stacked against us.  The reality is likely considerably worse than these estimates, owing to our lack of knowledge as far as Pantheon military assets is concerned.

Details are attached, but I’ve taken the liberty of summarizing outcomes into a number, between one and a hundred.  Anything above 80 would be an acceptable military operation.

All scenarios assume full drone backup.

1: Kinetic Intervention by several thousand human personnel : 1

2: Covert Kinetic Intervention by several dozen human personnel : 5

3: Kinetic Intervention by several thousand Ultrahuman personnel : 15

4: Covert Kinetic Intervention by several dozen Ultrahuman personnel : 10

5: Kinetic Intervention by the Gauntlet. : 15

6: Covert Kinetic Intervention by the Gauntlet : 35

7: Kinetic Intervention by human, Ultrahuman and Gauntlet forces. : 25

8: Covert Kinetic Intervention by Gauntlet, Ultrahuman and Human forces, assuming total surprise achieved. : 40

10: Strategic intervention by fission weaponry. 5

11: Strategic intervention by full suite of Classified weaponry. 8


No unit or combination of units, no assets at our disposal, so far as this board is aware, have any likelihood of defeating this Pantheon deployment.  I urge you to consult with the intelligence services, with technical experts, and with any other individuals you believe have the potential for a game changing assertion..


Absent any unknown factors, or a stroke of fortune never before seen within human memory, our Union will be forced to surrender before the year’s end.

It has been an honor.

8 thoughts on “Re: The Golden Host

  1. I think there is only one thing wrong with these numbers: yhey don’t need to destroy the Jost, as far as they know. They only need to kill Zeus… If he is killed, the Host will disperse in fear of Prevailer (he’s the obly one that stands a reasonable chance of killing her). In Reality, this won’t work because of Psyche – any plan that kills Zeus will involve at least some technology.

    But on the other hand, the Union has a trump card: the Fourth Fist… Indulger goves them control of the terrrain. Preventer can probably only killed only bu Zeus.Haunter carries with her an incoporeal army that fires bullets that can kill humans (so, psyche could be toast in the first few Hours of the battle)

    And even better, they now know how the Process works, and they might even produce moee powerfuk superheros than the Pantheon

    1. “Preventer can probably only killed only bu Zeus.”
      I think this is highly uncertain in both directions. Zeus is a threat to Prevailer more because he hits fast than because he hits especially hard. Prevailer really isn’t *that* tough by Ultra standards, the hard part is keeping her from teleporting and undoing the damage. It’s plausible there are plenty of Pantheon members that can hit as hard as he can, but not fast enough to threaten Prevailer. Meanwhile Preventer is tougher but a lot easier to hit.

      1. Of course many Ultras can kill Prevailer, I’m not disputing that. She can probably be killed by a weapon refined by Refiner.

        I’m just sating that the only way to kill a teleporting deamon that can sense any kind of danger at a distance is to have a one hit kill move that’s almost instantaneous (it really has to be a on hit kill, it can’t be a one hit maim + later execution).

        Most Ultras don’t have that. For example, Remover’s gift maims but doesn’t kill; Condemner can’t probably burn prevailer fast enough.

        That’s why I say that she can “only” be kileld by Zeus 🙂

  2. I wonder what would the effect be of a nuclear bomb blessed by Refiner. We already know that a blessed scythe can kill Tough utras, so I wonder if a “Refined” nuclear strike would kill a large part of the Host.

  3. The Union already knows that Psyche exists, so they should be afraid of using robots against the Host. Personally I’d dig up some old ballistic cannons from WW2 or something like it and shell the Host from 50mi away. That woulf take care of the weaker Ultras like Psyche (unless she’s protected by some kind of shield, which is unlikely because Zeus probably doesn’t know it’s possible to fire artillery shells that far…)

    1. The Union has very little information about Psyche. Her gift awakened the Union agent’s reporting equipment and it falsified the information that was provided to their handlers.

  4. They are not necessarily fucked, since the SOV is poised to strike the horde containing Psyche. She may control technology, but it is difficult to see a Rod-from-God as something she could control well enough to survive. It is basically a big meteor.

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