Present Whereabouts of the Leadership Council

Zeus: Defends the Army of Sunset from Prevailer

Isis: Governs Olympus and the Pantheon at large

Brahma: Tactical authority over the Army of Sunset

Jesus: Combatant in the Army of Sunset

Buddha: Remains on standby in Olympus, in case of calamity

Itzamna: Remains on standby in Olympus, overseas Pantheon military assets

Kami: In South America, precise location unknown, directing local Pantheon operations

Gaia: At large in the Asian Pantheon territories

Death: Leads the Grand Host, preparing the battlefield for the arrival of the Army of Sunset.

Odin: In South America, believed to be preparing an assault against the Regime

Coyote: Operating as usual in Olympus

Cthulu: Combatant in the Army of Sunset

3 thoughts on “Present Whereabouts of the Leadership Council

  1. These are some pretty badass names. I wonder what their gifts are…

    Zeus: some kind of one-hit kill that’s fast enough to hit a teleporter like Prevailer. Might it be a real lightning bolt? That would be pretty cool. It probably has a recharge period, otherwise he wouldn’t need the rest of the Sunset army to invade the Regime.

    Gaia: something like Indulger? Maybe she controls the forces of nature like vulcanos, tornadoes, living things etc.

    Brahma: no idea… Can possess bodies to reincarnate or something like that?

    Buddha: stays behind in the event of calamity? I have no idea…

    Kami: turns into animals? Meshes with nature to become invisible?

    Jesus (it’s kinda weird to ser this one mixed with gods from polytheisyic religions, but thrn I remember the Pantheon doesn’t have much patience for Monotheism, let alone Christianity): probably resurrects when killed. Maybe he’s not even thatvstrong, but it might be impossible to kill permanently, even by Prevailer. Even if he doesn’t have many cool powers besides resurrecting he is probably an excelent suicide bomber. Give him a truck with a fusion bomb, drive the truck into the middle of the enemies, detonate, resurrect, get new bomb, repeat. Maybe it can kill his enemies by turning the water in their blood into wine. Lol.

    Cthulhu: drive their enemies into madness and existential dread?

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