Joe’s notes on new Ultra Friends (noncombatants)

[Note from author, this is Sunday’s update.  Have to put it up early, as I’ll be out of town on vacation.  Shouldn’t stop me from getting next week’s story update out on time though.]

Lynn (Lin?)

Power: Ultra Devices
Details: Can make ‘contraptions’ that themselves exhibit low grade Ultra powers.  Pack that gives Ultra Strength 1, ‘laser gun’ that is an Ultra Blast at 1, etc.  Can keep up to 6 active at once.  Anecdotal evidence that having less ‘inventions’ active makes each one more powerful.
Fisher’s Assessment: Follower, will take orders

Wei Void

Power: Banishment
Details: Can cause objects that she sees and focuses on to vanish into some personal pocket dimension.  Does not work on living matter.  Can return objects at will, unable to displace existing forms.  All objects returns when/if she sleeps.  Objects not temporally suspended during time in void.
Fisher’s Assessment: Wishes personal safety, will run or stay as the situation develops


Power: Healing
Details: People who make form to form contact with Gonn regress towards an ideal state, healing injuries and recovering from trauma (???).  Cannot affect someone with Ultra tough 2 or higher.
Fisher’s Assessment: Mental disorders render him illegible.  Seems gentle and friendly.


Power: Weather Control
Details: Yara can cause precipitation and wind within a large radius around herself.  She does not control individual instances of these phenomena, but can rapidly increase or decrease their rate of arrival.  Several miles range, with knockoff effects extending for indeterminate distances.
Fisher’s Assessment: Follower, will take orders.  Very grateful not to be dead.


Power: Memory Renewal (Alteration?)
Details: On making form to form contact Natasha can cast another person into their own memories, causing them to relive events as they previously occurred.  During this time the victim’s body is paralyzed and unaware.  Unreliable reports indicate victims can choose differently than they actually did, with the dream playing out the likely responses that would have occurred. (What determines this?)
Fisher’s Assessment: Pantheon fanatic.  Kill her or keep her away from us.


Power: Transforms into animals
Details: Animal in question must be real, change is full form conjuration, heals all wounds. (Mostly, apparently she just has one of every animal form, and they stay wounded if they are hurt.  So shoot her as a person and she can change to a healthy dog, but her human form is still damaged)  Retains human sapience in every form.  Smallest forms fist sized, largest elephant.  No Ultra strength/toughness
Fisher’s Assessment: Hate’s Pantheon, glad to work with us.


Power: Looks different to everyone
Details: X has the ability to control everyone’s perception of her.  Does not include touch, but sight/smell/sound fully falsified.  Can ‘throw’ her image a few feet from herself, but not very far, must have some overlap between image and reality (typically real form foot to image heel)  Can also cancel out image entirely for invisibility/inaudibility rather than disguise.
Fisher’s Assessment:  Follower, will take orders.  In love with one of the bruisers, mistreating her partner might prompt rebellion. Amnesia.

Bo Ri

Power: Bind living beings into gestalts
Details: Can bind beings and machines together, essentially by shoving one into the other.  He chooses which gains control.  Can merge humans, Ultras, and / or machines with one another.  Ultra Toughness One or higher blocks his gift.
Fisher’s Assessment: Desperate to survive.  Likely to attempt escape.


Power: Conjure future objects
Details: Objects move through time, not space, must be taken from future of her position within Earth’s frame of reference.  Objects disappear in the event of timeline disruption (whether due to their own use or another Ultra’s interference), but their effects do not.  Has instinctive knowledge of what is available at any given spot, and roughly how far in the future it is.
Fisher’s Assessment: Cold fish, pragmatic and sensible.  Negotiate.


6 thoughts on “Joe’s notes on new Ultra Friends (noncombatants)

    1. Very… But I can imagine this being used for cool stuff. Perform lengthy computation on a computer, print the result, fetch the result from the future.

      Death is about to execute your ass, bring her Scythe from the future, now you have a Scythe and she’s unarmed. Lol. But she’s still Ultra-tough 2, so I don’t think the scythe helps that much.

    2. Better, this can be used to ambush Death. Just walk around the path of the Great Host and try to feel Deaths’s Scythe. Bam! She’ll be there

  1. Do X’s powers work on Prevailer’s hidden gift? Maybe they do! Isn’t she afraid of shapeshifters (which she isn’t, actually)? Maybe She’s afraid of them because they can get close to Her despite her gift.

    This could also be the reason why She doesn’t like teleporters. She is relatively fragile, and someone who teleports close to her can kill her with a quick strike before She has time to react.

  2. Lynn combined with Cpier or the Uktravwith the orbs could be pretty cool. You could equip a small squad with a laser gun that would kill many strong Ultras by copying one of the guns.

  3. You know, as True Fans, I feel it would be remiss of us to not make creepy knock-off fan fic OCs for this universe. See if we can beat Walter to the punch on cool character ideas! 😛

    Jay-Kay, El-Oh-El

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