Joe’s notes on new Ultra Friends (combatants)


Power: Generates orbs which each have their own power
Details: One orb shoots out a beam (roughly baseball speed.  Dodgeable, but only just) which makes what it contacts immaterial.  The object or person becomes an image, basically like Fader.  People rendered immaterial cannot move on their own, but can be transported by Gann moving where the beam is aiming.  Materializing a form within another is only damaging to the form being rematerialized, it cannot harm an existing form directly.  Another orb shoots out a beam (same speed), and generates a copy of whatever form it touches.  The copy appears in contact with the original.  If the original is alive then Gann mentally controls the copy.  The copy has no Ultra powers.  It has all other characteristics of the original, so far as she knows.  Her third orb shoots out a beam that pushes the form it hits away from itself, or pulls it towards itself, in either case with the same speed as ordinary gravity (which is suspended during the time the beam is on you).  Her fourth orb shoots out a beam that makes the form it hits disintegrate.   No one knows if this works on Ultra tough targets or not.  Her fifth orb causes the form it hits to lose its history.  She was vague about the details, but it apparently causes amnesia in the living, and somehow alters objects such that their provenance becomes unknown.  She declined to tell us about her sixth orb.
Fisher’s Assessment: Timid girl just wants safety for herself and her brother

Cu Xi:

Power: Teleports herself or others along their history
Details: She can teleport any object which she touches back to any place it has previously been.  She can place herself in a state where this happens reflexively to any object that comes into contact with her.  She can also teleport herself back to any place she has been, though this must be a conscious decision.  Her teleportation does not create a new form, and does not allow her to displace existing matter.
Fisher’s Assessment: Pantheon believer, wants to rise in the ranks


Power: Ultra Strength 1, Ultra Speed 1, Ultra Toughness 1, Shoots force from her eyes
Details:  Her powers are linked to another factor, which she has not shared.  1 is an average power level, gossip is that she is sometimes powerless, and other times essentially as capable as subtracter.  The projectile is invisible kinetic force.  It sends forms flying into other things rather than damaging the targets directly.
Fisher’s Assessment: Minion, will do as she is told as long as that seems safer than the alternative.


Power: Ultra Strength X, Ultra Toughness 2
Details: Her Ultra Strength increases based on other Ultras presence.  On her own she has no strength at all.  With a few dozen to a few hundred Ultras around she has Ultra Strength at one.  In the midst of thousands of Ultras she reaches Ultra strength 2.  Presumably this will continue to scale.
Fisher’s Assessment: Minion, will follow orders


Power: Sarah is able to destroy the Ultra gift of other Ultras
Details: This destruction is permanent.  She effectively removes the Process.  No one knows how she triggers this ability, the most common guess is that she can do so by sight or by choosing to do activate her gift anyone that she has touched before.
Fisher’s Assessment: Fisher has declined to attempt to use her gift on Sarah.

3 thoughts on “Joe’s notes on new Ultra Friends (combatants)

  1. Waaaat? Sarah can undo the Process? Possibly by sight? Very mysterious, no one seems to know her very well?

    Why is she being sent on a Pilgrimage? Maybe as a way to make sure she dies because ahe’s too dangerous? It’s possible that she can’t undo the Process by sight, of course and that’s just a myth. The requirement of touching the Ultra beforehand makes it much less useful, but she could have touched Preventer and killed her! Which, for some reason, she didn’t.

    Undoing the Process is kinda like cutting the soul away from the body again.

    Do you know who can probably do this? Death… Who is probably also a shapeshifter among many other things.

    But if she is Death, then why didn’t she take the chance and kill Preventer? Maybe because she’d be killed by the rest of the Fist with extreme prejudice. Condemner can probably kill an ultra with level two toughness, as can Indulger and maybe even Fisher. I believe Haunter can kill anything if she commits to it and wears enough shades.

    So maybe that was it. Now she has basically infiltrated the Fist and can get to know them better, murder them in their sleep or something like that. I don’t understand why Preventer hasn’t killed her yet.

    1. Oh man… my first thought on learning about Sarah was “she can take out Death!”

      But if you’re right and she IS Death… damn.

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