Time Stuff Made Simple

It is well known that Ultra gifts can defy physics.  Few care to think too hard about the fact that this gives them abilities that are commonly referred to as ‘divination’.

You, however, by dint of the fact that someone has deemed you worthy of being shown this vid, are a future decision maker.  You can no longer afford to dwell in blissful ignorance, and must face squarely the truths that our agents and researchers have uncovered.

Ultra gifts can perceive the future.  The future that they perceive is that which would have taken place if they had not perceived the future.

This is a simple pair of statements, but it can be difficult to understand.  Please read it over a few times before proceeding.

Those statements are joined by a third, as follows.  The future that they perceive is that which would have taken place if no other gifts would be used thereafter that allowed the Ultras that used them access to atemporal observation.

However, the effect of past divination IS figured into a gift that grants knowledge of the future.

Consider a hypothetical Ultra A.  They look into the future in order to see whether or not there will be bread in the reheater when they get home.  Their gift shows them that there will be no bread present.

Seeing this, they put in a request to the network, and the bread is delivered.  Upon arriving at home they find it ready.  Their vision of the future did not take into account the actions that it prompted.

To complicate this scenario, consider the outcome if they had a room mate, B.  A forsees the bread shortage, and orders the bread.  Now B uses a similar gift.  B will see the bread arriving, because A’s action, despite being prompted by A’s divination, is taken into account by B’s divination.  B arrives early and eats the bread.  Now A arrives home, expecting bread, but there is none, but NOT for the same reason that A’s initial foresight would have had it.

Ultrahuman divination is thus an odd tool.  It is of incredible utility, if and only if no one except your own party is putting it to use.

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