Mission Objectives

Go get Fourth Fist back.  She misses Dale.  They should be in Olympus, or in its smoking crater if Adder already did his thing.  Bring them home.

You are the only ones I can trust to do this right.


13 thoughts on “Mission Objectives

  1. They should be in Olympus, or in its smoking crater if Adder already did his thing.

    Can’t Subtracter just ask Answerer where they are? Or is Answerer in a place only Prevailer can reach? I’ve thought of that a couple times. Does Prevailer keep Answerer in a place only accessible by teleportation? Probably not, because some food must reach Answerer.

    At the same time, Subtracter thinks that the Fist is still alive. This is far from Obvious. If they ahve indeed perpetrated an attack on the Pantheon, they’d have to contend with a bunch of angry gods who have survived the explosion…

    I’m sure the explosion would be devastating for the Pantheon in that it would kill most of the Sunset army (if they were there), and maybe most of the Ruling Council. After all, we still don’t know if Zeus is above Ultra toughness 2 (we the readers, in universe this is probably known). But the survivors would have a really high chance of destroying the 4th fist.

    1. I was under the impression that this was Answerer’s attempt to stealthily get rid of Fourth Fist in such a way she had plausible deniability or anyone who tries to follow up on it will likely be annihilated by the Pantheon. So Prevailer and the others still think the mission went off without a hitch.

      For all we know, Subtracter may be working with or being used by Answerer to send more people to their doom as part of her bigger plan.

  2. > I was under the impression that this was Answerer’s attempt to stealthily get rid of Fourth Fist in such a way she had plausible deniability or anyone who tries to follow up on it will likely be annihilated by the Pantheon.

    Sure, but I thought everyone else in the regime knoew it was an attempt to get rid of the fist and they’d expect the fist to be dead

    1. Im sure the Inner Circle might know, but i dont know who else is in the loop. Thats why im thinking there might be some interesting surprises with who this letter is addressed to.

      1. The main question is: besides Prevailer, which member of the Regime has the capabilities to Travel to Australia, face the Pantheon and retreive a fist?

  3. Regarding the question of “who can reach Answerer”, I think one must ask the following question: “Why didn’t Slasher get Adder, Answerer or Snitcher?” After all, he killed almost everyone that can be killed that was associated with the Regime. Maybe he saw these three as prisoners of Prevailer aand not morally responsible?

    We still don’t know how he died… He seems almost impossible to kill. Even Prevailer would have a hard time. The way I imagine him dying is something like this. Answerer seea the future. She is scared. She tells Prevailer: “At precisely 13:47 PM stand in your room and blow yourself up. Don’t ask questions, it will work better that way”.

    Sure, Prevailer can’t time the explosion as precisely, but answerer knows exactly what to tell her so that the explosion comes at the right time.

    Alternatively, Predictor kills him by wiring a room with explosives and making them explode at the right time or making him step on an electrified plate or something like that.

    But the point is, the only way I can see Slasher being killed is by someone with divination gifts. Not that he would be able to kill Prevailer (she is probably too tough for a guy with a knife), but he would have been able to survive the encounter.

    Another possibility is that Prevailer is actually ultra-fast too and hides it very well. But that would be kinda dishonest to the reader. Alternatively, She has a minion fast enough to kill Slasher, or someone with an aura that kills anything not ultra tough enough and Slasher stepped into that area. IDK

      1. Another possibilities: if you’re Predictor or Answerer you can just poison something he’ll eat, months or weeks in advance. Fighting Answerer and Predictor might be actually scarier than fighting Slasher! The only thing that can kill the fastest man jn then world is the Ultra that can predict the future: no matter how fast Slasher is, the Ultra that sees the future has reached it first…

      2. Well, that depends on the situation. There’s a great scene in a Marvel comic where Quicksilver beats the shit out of a guy who is a pre-cog. Sure, the pre-cog knows what’s about to happen, but by the time the first second of the fight even registered in his conscious mind, Quicksilver had beaten the guy into the ground already. Now, granted, I don’t think the guy prepped for the fight, but still.

        In this case, with how many precogs there are screwing around with one another’s foresight, its debatable how far in advance Answerer could actually plan for, but all she really needed was to know the day before it happened.

      3. It depends on how further ahead the precog can see the future and how effortlessly he does it.

        It it takes a great amount of effort such that he can’t see into the future very often, you have a chance.

        If it is nearly effortless and he does it all the time almos unconsciously, then you’re toast.

        It seems like in your case the precog can’t see very far and doesn’t look into the future very frequently. From what we know, Predictor is looking into the future all the time and Answerer doesn’t seem to have any time or space limitations (she says she can shape the future into ehat she wants – acces to the best future-shaper, Prevailer, certainly helps).

        I don’t know if I buy the Union (?) memo about all precogs interfering with each other. If this were true, the Answerer would be mostly ineffective. She mentions to her diary that not even the Pantheon’s precog (Circe) and Predictor couldn’t mess with her predictions at the scale she’s seeing now. So the power level of the precog must somehow correlate with their capability to interfere.

        But after the chapter with the Union memo, I think that precogs are gone become somewhat important for this story 🙂

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