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I want to take better control of the Company Men.  I am an honorary something or other to them, thanks to some stuff that we did a long time ago, but that doesn’t actually let me give them all the orders.

You know how I boss them around?  It isn’t because they are scared of dying or whatever, it is because their rules say that I can do that.  The thing of it though, that I want to tell them to stop giving food to the Pantheon now, and that would go against the orders that they got from the main boss a long time ago.

So I need to get promoted.  But I killed that guy, so he can’t very well promote me.

I’ve been asking them, which is really really boring, and it turns out that there is a Board who could make me the boss.  Or, was.  I’ve written the names on the other side of this.  See if you can find any of them.  They were rich way back when, so maybe they made it.  But they are also old, so maybe they didn’t.

If you find them, bring them back to me.  If not, then we need to trick the Company Men.  Adder is gone, so you are gonna have to find old drivers licenses and stuff, and make them match some people we can bully into reading a script we write.  It’ll be a good test of Watcher’s power.

Also, I thought about what you said, about how it would be handy if you could have Answerer’s question on some days.  I still don’t think we are at that point yet.  But do good and maybe we’ll see.

8 thoughts on “Find or Forge

  1. The above reminds me of something… Prevailer can ask Answerer where the Fist is, and what Zeus is up to. The best way of stopping Zeus’ army is through a massive civil war ampnst the Pantheon, and starving them might do the job.

    I wonder if She thinks She can defeat the sunset army once She can teleport again. She can throw a mountain at them and kill most of them at once, or crack the tectonic plate they’re in or something like that. Or she can teleport her hand into Zeus’ brain, Fader-style (this is probably very risky, though).

  2. Question for Walter: suppose a strong ultra like Prevailer throws a heavy rock at an Ultra Tough opponent. Can the rock kill the ultra tough one? Or does the strong ultra have to use s body part?

    1. A thrown rock (or a swung bat), loses the ‘ultra strength’ qualifier. It only hits as fast/hard as the physics of the objects speed would indicate.

      The toughest Ultra you could kill with an object would be Ultra Tough One, regardless of your own strength.

      1. What if it’s a rock being projected by Indulger? Does his Earth carry some degree of Ultra Strength power transferance to it?

      2. This is a bit complicated.

        In general, the answer to that kind of question is yes. Bomber’s blasts affect people with Ultra Toughness.

        Indulger, though, is an exception. Stuff moved by his gift doesn’t have any ‘ultra weight’ if you will, and thus cannot affect Ultra Tough 2 or higher foes.

      3. If Indulger’s power affected Ultra Tough enemies it would be a game breaker. Anything that stepped on the ground would be ground meat in seconds.

        With his actual power set, Indulger needs to trap such enemies and manually execute them with his bare hands.

        I wonder if that’s how he defeated Pursuer in that famous Ultra fight (minus the executing part, I guess, although Pursuer was already part of a Fist).

  3. @Ninmesera the Ultra Fight was powers off. Dale was above the ground and nobody was afraid of Pursuer.

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