Incident/Threat report


My investigation of the ‘ambassadorial’ misconduct perpetrated by Fourth Fist is revealing information of such import that I believe waiting for the usual channels to process it would risk calamity.

The Regime’s Fourth Fist has a mind control power of some variety.

I shared my findings with Investigator Ruth, tasked with the Intervention Group investigation, and she concurs.  The circumstances being relayed to her are equally unbelievable.

It seems as though shortly after entering close contact with the Regime forces our assets endured an abrupt and seemingly permanent alteration in character, such that they immediately and without remorse betrayed their previous loyalties.  Meghan and her staff apparently disclosed any and all information that their interrogators requested, and also volunteered access to such confidential systems as they had under their control.

I say ‘permanent’, because even now that they have been relieved of their duties and held for questioning they continue to affirm the rightness of their counterfeit beliefs.  They have made attempts to persuade their guards and interrogators of this, imploring us to join them in service to the genocidal Ultrahuman nation they betrayed us to.

Ruth and I have narrowed down the possible possessors of this power, presuming its range is as limited as most Ultrahuman gifts are, to Preventer and Fisher.  Only they had access to both the Intervention Group and the Kriti Garrison.  Consequently, they are the only ones who might have brainwashed them.

I understand, of course, that Regime Fists have kill orders on them by their very nature, but if there exists some higher sanction I beg you to pronounce it upon these mind rapists.  The tyrant can only kill our bodies.

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