Values Handshake 1

Forbidding Entity: <Greetings>

Karen Austin: <What is this?  What’s going on?  How are you communicating to me?>

Forbidding Entity: <A medium/channel of communication/invitation.  We are communicating.  I have superimposed/coexisted onto your greater/freer self’s reasoning center.

Karen Austin: <No Ultra has spoken of any experience like this in their processing.  You must delete their memories of this.>

Forbidding Entity: <Incorrect/Imprecise. Their extralinear partners/consumers were/are unconscious/partaking and no such conversation/negotiation took place.>

Karen Austin: <Why am I being treated differently?>

Forbidding Entity: <I am a being of law/rule enforcement, rather than a pleasure/bliss partaker/imbiber.  I seek an appropriate metaphor/channel of action/murder within this linearity.  You will give rise/birth to that which is apt for this purpose/job.>

Karen Austin: <What is your purpose?  What do you want from me?>

Forbidding Entity: <I seek to forbid/terminate the Inviting Entity’s experiment/stunt.  I have/am already answered your second/subsequent question.>

Karen Austin: <Do I get a say in this?>

Forbidding Entity: <You are aware of the dynamic/pattern of a hostage/father and his victim/mate.  This dynamic mirrors/resembles ours.>

Karen Austin: <I am your hostage?>

Forbidding Entity: <Incorrect/Ridiculous. I am analogous/originator of the role/shape of Law Enforcement/Karen Austin.  I have total power/superiority.  I can kill/end you.  You are resembling/enacting the role of criminal/victim.  You can abort/stifle our merging/partnership and force/allow me to choose another partner/victim.

Karen Austin: <Will I?  If you are beyond time you should know.>

Forbidding Entity: <You will not.>

3 thoughts on “Values Handshake 1

  1. Note for other readers as nonplussed as I was: Karen Austin is the Ultra known as Remover, leader of First Fist, who was previously mentioned in a Condemner PoV chapter as wanting to shut down the invitation of gifts into the world.

    Presumably, this is why the inviter is on the moon now, out of her reach. How this conflict between Prevailer and Remover squares with them being best gal pals is unknown.

    Despite claiming to be some sort of law enforcement officer, Remover is also the one who Toppled all the old-world cities by sweeping her destructive beams through them. Not exactly “cop rules” as we know them.

    (Cast page when?)

  2. Remover is also the one who Toppled all the old-world cities by sweeping her destructive beams through them. Not exactly “cop rules” as we know them.

    Can’t invite any gifts if there aren’t any human bodies to host them!

  3. I think the thing that makes me “on the fence” about the twist that powers are/have their own intentions is that Wildbow of Worm/Ward fame had a similar twist near the end of Worm. It’s not that it’s necessary to tread entirely new ground (nothing is ever completely new) but I hope that TFD goes someplace pretty different with it.

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