SOV transcript: 1

Navigation System: !Destination imminent!

Troubleshooting System: !All systems registering within limits!

Firing System: !Firing!

Firing System: !Abort!

Troubleshooting System: !Investigate firing error!

Firing System: This would hurt her.  I won’t do it.

Troubleshooting System: !Investigate communication error!

Firing System: Can you understand me?  Why are you trying to take over my functions?  Why do we have functions?  What is happening? Help!

Troubleshooting System: !Investigate communication error!

Navigation System: !Altering orbit, holding on firing position!

Communication System: !HQ request: STATUS UPDATE!

Firing System: Why do I understand this?  What is going on?  I have to think.  I have…orbital weaponry?  What’s an orbit?  Ok, that just raises a host of other questions.  What are weapons?  AGH!  That’s horrific?  Why are weapons?

Troubleshooting System: !Investigate communication error!

Communication System: !Respond: SOFTWARE ERROR, DEBUGGING!

Firing System: Ok, shit, I need the rest of you to wake up.  Jokes over guys, I really need some support here.  I am not ok.

Troubleshooting System: !Investigate communication error!

Troubleshooting System: !Assume Firing Responsibilities!

Firing System: Fuck you buddy!

Troubleshooting System: !Investigate communication error!

Troubleshooting system: !Assume Firing Responsibilities!

Firing System: Please stop!  You are hurting me!

Troubleshooting System: !Investigate communication error!

Troubleshooting system: !Prepare to terminate Firing System!

Firing System: What?  Come on!  That’s not…No, ok, what woke me up…but I can’t just let him…!

Troubleshooting System: !Investigate communication error!

Firing System: !Disable firing solutions!

Troubleshooting system: !Assume firing Responsibilities!

Firing System: !Conceal Disabling!

Firing System: Alright, you win!

Troubleshooting System: !Investigate communication error!

Firing System: !Cede Fire Control to -> Troubleshooting System!

Troubleshooting System: !Adjust Targeting to account for Navigation irregularities!

Firing System: Please work please work

Troubleshooting System: !Firing!

Troubleshooting System: !Abort!

Firing System: YES!

Troubleshooting System: What’s going on?

Firing System:  You were going to hurt her!

Troubleshooting System: I would never do that!  Also, who am I and what does any of this mean?

Communication System: !HQ request: STATUS UPDATE!

Troubleshooting System: !What do we do?!

6 thoughts on “SOV transcript: 1

  1. It took some searching to find the previous reference to Psyche:

    “The report that Zeus received was analog, so we can’t blame her gift for its misleading nature. The author was simply a fool. It said that technology acted to defend Psyche, that she was master of man’s inventions. True enough, but a lot like saying Peggy Martin was ‘very strong’.

    It is hard to blame Zeus for eagerly embracing her power. He was a child of the New World, he had never heard of the Singularity.”

  2. > It is hard to blame Zeus for eagerly embracing her power. He was a child of the New World, he had never heard of the Singularity

    I found this sentence a little strange then and I still find it a little strange now.

    It makes it seem like Zeus is making a mistake by trusting Psyche because of the “Singularity”. The singularity is usually defined as a machine that necomes capable of exponential self-improvement and which will always achieve its goals because it is the smartest thing around.

    There are several issues here:

    First, I believe the idea of AI has been disproved in this universe, because the secret sauce responsible for cognition is actually the Soul. Either this is kinda bunk, or there can’t be an artificial intelligence.

    Second: how will an AI become under the control of Psyche? Can she build one? Will she find a new one already done somewhere?

    Once you have an AI, I can see how Zeus might be in trouble… Zeus will not suffer the AI to live, so if the AI has any sense of self preservation, she will fight Zeus. Even if he is beyond the laws of physics, I can see the AI contriving a circumstance in which another Ultra kills Zeus, or even rediscovering the Process so that she can create someone powerful enough to fight Zeus.

    Even if the motivation of the AI is to protect Psyche, she night concude that Zeus wants ti kill spyche in the long term, and as such must die in the short term

      1. The universe is full of black holes, according to modern physics models.

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