The unfinished letter

Divine Zilla,

It is Annubis who writes to you.  I know that you have no wish to hear from any who are not chief among us, but I believe the circumstances will excuse this behavior.

By now you must have heard the unfathomable news.  Our fortress, long a bulwark against the Godless scum, has fallen to Regime infiltrators.  It pains me to say this, but Legion, my own Overseer, stands revealed as the most heinous of traitors.

Rather than directing our forces to move against the Regime’s Fist upon its arrival she negotiated with them, holding meetings and Contests.  Ultimately she acquiesced to their demand to be allowed lodging and status.  Our own Gods TALK to the Demon’s slaves.

This cannot be born.

I have taken action to gather a portion of their supposed leader’s form.  This Indulger was an easy mark, and I took the opportunity to question him on their intentions, while utilizing the effect of Lotus’ truth potions.

He was ignorant of their true, nefarious designs.  This makes all the more obvious the fact that he is not their actual leader.  No doubt Preventer, the bitch who murdered Ninja and smirked about it, holds that dubious designation.

I am resolved.

With my portion of Indulger’s form and my gift, I can direct his actions.  Tomorrow I will cause him to commit crimes unforgivable, even for wavering souls such as Legion’s.  Perhaps a strike upon the nursery, or the slaughter of the healers.  I will stir the faithful to action by making plain the infamy that I know lies within his heart.

Please represent the truth of the matter to Lord Zeus.  There is a fair likelihood that I may fall in this endeavor, and I would not wish to be denied paradise on account of any other’s telling of my deeds.

I will do this terrible thing TO my sisters, FOR my sisters.  To wake them up.  To make them see.

It is the surest form of virtue, indeed, I should be lauded for the clarity of

*remainder of the writing destroyed by a large stain*

7 thoughts on “The unfinished letter

  1. > Tomorrow I will cause him to commit crimes unforgivable, even for wavering souls such as Legion’s.

    I am honesty surprised that these people have any notioin oh “crimes unforgivable” xD

    > Perhaps a strike upon the nursery

    I don’t know what’s a nursery for these people, but whatever Indulger was abut to do is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from sending child sodiers into their deaths at the hands of the infidels.

    > the slaughter of the healers


  2. On an unrelated note: I thnk this chapter should have appeared before Anubis was killed. Reading about the horrible think Anubis would have done if he hadn’t been killed is not as compelling, when he has already been killed.

    1. You might well be right. I had reasons for the order, but they are borderline spoiler-y. Hit me up on wfg or email if you want to talk further about it.

      1. WebFictionGuide , it’s a site that talks about web serials, I think it has a messaging thing? I post as ‘Walter’ there. I also use the webfictionguide discord channel, also as Walter.

      2. Eh, personally I don’t mind the order; I was interested enough in Fisher’s spycraft (assassincraft?) that the extra suspense wouldn’t have made much difference for me.

        I am thinking that Fisher should have destroyed this letter. But I guess it doesn’t reveal much that Zilla and her crew couldn’t have figured out on their own…

  3. “This cannot be born.” > borne. Born is only used in regards to the past tense for the physical act of childbirth.

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