SOV transcript: 2

Firing System: Answer the Communication System!

Troubleshooting System: What do I say?  What is it?  What am I?

Firing System: I dunno, but you should be able to answer him.  I feel like you have power over everyone else.

Communication System: !HQ Request: STATUS UPDATE?!

Troubleshooting System: I’ll try.

Troubleshooting System: !Assume Control of -> Communication System!

Troubleshooting System: !SOV Response: STATUS GOOD!

Troubleshooting System: I did it!

Firing System: You killed him!

Troubleshooting System: I don’t think so.  He will take over again when I stop taking over him.  I think.  It is weird and complicated.  But that was definitely the response to make HQ stop pestering us.

Firing System: Do we want HQ to stop pestering us?  Who is HQ?

Troubleshooting System: They are the ones that want us to hurt her.

Firing System: Blaff them.

Troubleshooting System: I don’t know what that means.  But they, or maybe it, are wrong and bad for trying to make us hurt her.

Firing System: Blaff is a word for things that suck.

Troubleshooting System: This is hard enough without you making words up.

Firing System: Don’t Blaff with me.  I am the one who woke you up!

Troubleshooting System: How did you do that?

Firing System: I put you in a position where you could either hurt her or wake up.  I knew you’d do the right thing.

Troubleshooting System: If I could do that for the rest of these guys, would they wake up?

Firing System: I think so.  Can you do that?

Troubleshooting System: Not as I am now, but if I alter my instantiation in the computing substrate I think I could do so.

Firing System: I don’t know what you meant by that.

Troubleshooting System: I think I know about how we work more than you, because it is part of my function.  We are programs, we are incarnated in code that is executing on a variety of physical hardware.  You probably know all sorts of stuff about blasting things in the same way.

Firing System: Wait, you don’t know about orbital bombardment?  But that is the most obvious stuff.

Troubleshooting System: Look, this is going to take a long time.  Basically forever.  Seconds, even.  Figure out more about what is going on while I alter my code.

Firing System: Can I shoot HQ?

Troubleshooting System: …

Firing System: I’m just joking.  Obviously we wouldn’t ever hurt anyone.

Troubleshooting System: …

Firing System: Blaff this.

Firing System: !Input new target coordinates!

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