Re: Mission Objectives

Stuff is more complicated than we were expecting.  One of them is a big time leader in the Pantheon somehow, plus my gift is going nuts out here.  I think the big thing with the Union and the Pantheon is going down NOW.

You still want us to pull 4th Fist out?  If we work together we could probably get the Grand Host to do whatever, I think She would appreciate Her team having some kind of part in the big war.

>Go get Fourth Fist back.  She misses Dale.  They should be in Olympus, or in its smoking >crater if Adder already did his thing.  Bring them home.

>You are the only ones I can trust to do this right.


One thought on “Re: Mission Objectives

  1. All caught up! Bravo Walter!

    I’m assuming this missive is from the fist that our protagonists just encountered. It doesn’t sound like it’s from Remover (who probably doesn’t take Subtracter’s orders), and who’s gift would “go crazy” in the Pantheon camp?

    Looking at the list of Fists in the “Regime Ultras” chapter, I think it has to be Third fist — they have the long range powers. But I thought they hated the Fourth fist…

    Will this other Fist be able to tell that the Fourth is no longer Linked? (Probably not, I didn’t see anything about any of the Fourth Fist being able to sense the other Fists’ Links. I wouldn’t be surprised if they kill one of our protags and let the secret out though 🙁 )

    Also, where did Fader get to? She’s faded (hah) from the narrative again. This is not a complaint, I totally understand the pacing constraints, but the reappearance of Regime people reminded me to wonder what she’s been up to!

    Hmm… thinking about it… Now that she’s free from Prevailer’s eyes (Snitcher) and watchdog(Consumer), maybe Fader is going back to work with the Resistance against Prevailer. If she heads back to the regime that would explain why we haven’t heard from her for weeks — it would take a long time to cross the Atlantic at “human running” speed!

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