Contact Guidelines

1: Prior to your interview with the Contractor you will exercise your gift to the fullest extent that you are able, taking and passing on careful notes as to its extent and capacities.

2: During the interview with the Contractor you will allow no bodily contact unless directed by a senior officer.

3: During the interview with the Contractor you will demonstrate your gift for it as requested, and answer its questions truthfully.

4: After the interview with the Contractor you will participate in a full debrief, as well as the followup round table meeting about this opportunity.

5: You retain full agency regarding your gift, and the decision as to whether to allow the Contractor to implement its suggestions will ultimately be yours, however, owing to the national significance of these assets you will need to run your decision (either way) by an advisory panel.

6: Following your interview, whether or not you consent to the Contractor’s ‘tune up’, you will once again exercise your gift to its fullest extents, passing on any differences or variations that it exhibits.

7: At no time will you discuss or post regarding the Contractor.

4 thoughts on “Contact Guidelines

  1. Well this makes it sound like the Union is indeed using Andy’s help. And also that they probably aren’t keeping Andy in Tartarus.

    1. I think they’re keeping her (let’s go with what Prevailer calls Andy) in Tartarus. It’s just that they’re kewping hwe awake. Her gift is useless to escape even if she wanted, so there’s bo danger in keeping her awake. And Tartarus is probably the safest place where she can be kept. It already has a Ultra guards that can ward off invaders and kidnappers.

      It might have been smarter to keep her in a small cottage somewhere, but with the likes of Answerer around, it’s probably safe to assume that Andy will be found and be prepared to defend her if needed.

  2. There is an obvious argument agains the Union having a powerful precog, which are the Process quotas. If they had a precog, they could predict who would survive. This would instantly multiply their number of Ultras by 30. Unless they are afraid the company reports the anomalously low mortality rate to Prevailer and She reduces their quotas even further.

    1. Precogs are blind to retrocausal events though, and I suspect that new instances of The Process count as such. Like, in terms of how the Grabbies seem to work, you can’t predict a new Grabby arriving based on actions the lie partly outside the universe, using purely information from inside the universe. I’m pretty sure whenever a new delighting entity joins the universe, it alters the boundary conditions of the universe throughout all of time so that it would manifest at that point, and therefore every grabby instantiates into a version of the universe where no more Ultras will ever be made beyond that point (Which is true, so long as no new Grabbies interfere from outside). Most likely I would think Precogs see every instance of the Process as failed, and then need to be updated to account for the successful creation of a new Ultra.

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