Meeting Transcript

Thank you for attending.  We have satisfied the demands of a board meetings quorum.

Incorrect, we are short 7 attendees.  In addition, your associate’s presence is highly irregular.

Thank you for the correction.  I meant that we have satisfied the demands for an emergency session quorum.

Is something wrong?

No, it is fine.  I am ready to proceed.

You fucking better be.

I hereby propose that the position of Chief Executive Officer be offered to the woman presently my head between her hands.

For the record, could you state the nominee’s name?

I’m Subtracter, you retards.  You’ve known me for years.

Understood, Ms. Tractor.  Thank you for your clarification.

I hereby call the vote.  I hereby vote in favor of the motion.

As all present board members have voted in favor, the motion passes.

Ms. Tractor, you will receive the official offer package within the next few business days, but, to start with, are you interested in accepting this position?

Yeah, obviously.  I didn’t dig up this shithead to not become the boss.

Then this meeting is now-

Shut up, tubby.  I have some fucking orders to give.  Meetings are how I do that, right?

The Company will carry out your orders, Ms. Tractor, once your onboarding has been completed and your position finalized.  You may, however, wish to review the information that has been compiled against the possibility of this position being filled.  There are decades of financial

From now on, you are going to treat Prevailer, Peggy Martin, like She is the big boss.  Do whatever She says, to Her face.  Trick Her so She thinks She is your real leader.  But really you are going to check in with me when She is not paying attention to make sure you should really do what She says.  You got it?

I believe I understand your intent.  I would be remiss in my duties if I did not caution you that, based on my observations of crime patterns alleged against this individual, this is a dangerous course of action.

I know that.  Do it anyway.


Elliot, what have they done to you?

I told you to shut up.  Company Man, She wants to cut off the flow of Processes to the rest of the world.  While we are at it, we are also gonna cut off their food.  You got that?

I believe I can achieve that objective.  The simplest method would be to end the discount program under which-

I don’t give a shit how you do it.  Just do it.


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