Dearest Isis : 2

There are those who believe that our pairing simply a matter of our gifts.  You have the ability required to sustain my dominion, while I have the power necessary to extend it over the remainder of this benighted globe.  It is not so.

In truth, I would have kept you by my side even if your gift was far less impressive.  It is your wisdom which I value most.

I have implemented the plan which you proposed.  I have sorted out from my brides the most rebellious and disruptive elements, and sent them ahead.

They will travel swiftly, using gifts to move in hours the distance that I shall pass in months.  They will gather up the Great Host, and throw it against the wretches who deny my rule.

They are led by Vampire, Oroboros, and Gwishin.

I know that you have, in the past, suggested that Vampire ought to be a member of our Council, if only so that we might not lose a valuable ally when she decided to claim membership of her own accord.  It was a rare breach of our amity for me to refuse you in this, but the truth is that I have always imagined using her in this manner.

Vampire’s power is such that, failing the Demon’s advent, she alone should be sufficient to render unto dust the heathen lands.  If I had a form I would long ago have fallen to her ambitious blade.  If Vampire falls, then I know that my true enemy has bestirred itself.

Oroboros, by contrast, is that rarest of Goddesses, an intelligent being.  Her gifts are not trivial, but her primary function in this expedition is insurance against the strange and tumultuous currents of my bride’s social circles.  Left to their own devices they might deviate from the course that I have given them, but Oroboros’ leadership ought to be sufficient to abort such errors.

Gwishin, of course, is merely my insurance.  Her other self remains at my side, and thus I, and the remainder of my army of Sunset, shall remain apprised of this detachment’s progress.  She should also be able to make certain that Oroboros doesn’t lose her life in this endeavor.  I know you have plans for her.

The departure of this advance force has awakened a great dispute among my remaining brides.  Some feel that they are doomed.  Others, that they will deal great and substantial damage before falling back in disgrace.  Still others, that they will conquer the foe before we even arrive.

I wonder, beloved, where you would place your marker?

4 thoughts on “Dearest Isis : 2

  1. Zeus is formless? We knew one of his titles was Cloud Gatherer, but I never suspected he was just a cloud. Can Prevailer punch out a cloud?

    1. Exactly. If he is formless, then I don’t think he has to feat Prevailer. Fader has no reason to deat Prevailer, after all…

      1. Yeah the opening really sounds like Zeus (“my dominion” etc.), but the formless seems not to match what we know about him.

        I wonder if the “writer” here could be the Pantheon’s oracle (Circe, I think)? Sort of like how Answerer thinks she actually runs the Regime because she uses her powers to “determine” Prevailer’s actions, maybe Pantheon precog (in cahoots with Isis?) thinks she herself* is the power behind the throne.

      2. The author refers to the host as “my brides”. So I’m pretty sure it’s Zeus.

        But the thing about being formless goes against the description in “Out from Olympus”, in which Zeus is described as if he were a normal human, wearing human clothes and keeping talismans and maps in his pockets.

        If he is indeed formless, then I don’t know why he doesn’t describe that as his major advantage against Prevailer. Because of Fader, it is known that formless beings can’t be killed by Prevailer, so that’s a pretty big deal.

        Of course, if you want to kill Prevailer, and not merely survive, you need an insta-kill move, but combining both things in the same Ultra is pretty crazy, given how nerfed the Process serms to be nowadays…

        Unless the Process isn’t actually nerfed and the Inviting Entity merely pretends it is while producing the ocasional Ultra on the level of Prevailer to keep things interesting. For example, Death with some preparation could kill Prevailer. Just attract Her into an area full of teleport points, and then it’s pretty much 50/50. The obly difference is that Prevailer regenerates, but given the levels of Ultra Strength involved (3 and 4), the first punch would be also the last…

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