Regime Quest: 4

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16: Given that Mia was Processed forcibly, went from living in an independent town to troubleshooting for the Regime, and hates Ultras, the story almost writes itself. Looks like some Ultras happened upon their little community, they were dragged to the Company Facility, and she was the only one who made it. Do I have that right?

[X] Yes, in substance. She didn’t dare attempt the Process as the Old World fell (high mortality rate).

16A: If yes above, were there any other survivors, if so, does Mia stay in contact with them?

[X] Scattered humans, one is my chief KEM contact

16B: If yes in 16, was the Ultra in charge of that anyone we know?

[X] Subtracter.

17: Yes (QM note: I missed that she was alive in the old world, and hence educated

18: The following were the other choices for Warlord this time around. Is Mia close with any of them, despite loathing Ultrahumans?

[X] Maker

19: Are any of the above Mia’s particular nemesis?

[X] Masher

20: Mia’s relationship with KEM, how close is it? Are they mostly present in the occasion dropped off note and KEM sheet, or is she a commander in their ranks?

[X] [1WP] She is a fellow traveler, and they like the idea of her rising in ranks, and thus gaining the ability to destroy more Ultras. They work on her behalf, and she can ask them for favors.

21: Mia has a secret gift, one that no one has ever learned about. She has hidden it successfully thus far, fearing that to reveal it would see her conscripted into a Fist or similar.

[X] Ultra toughness 1
22: Mia has a pair of virtues, patterns of behavior that held vindicate her existence, and recover Agency Points. What are they?

[x] Restoring aspects of the old world (QM note: paraphrase to split into two)

[x] Improving people’s lives and helping them

23: Mia has a vice, a flaw which she tries to avoid. Giving into it does help her recover Agency Points, however.

[x] She has a tendency to react out of proportion to events that remind her of the destruction of the Old World. Viewing Ultras as childish tyrants, she will actively place offensive Ultras in harms way, sometimes even going so far as to overtly attack them herself. Occasionally, Mia will bite of more than she can chew, yet like a dog fixated on a bone, Mia won’t back down.

9 <Target?>

[X] Ar Harbor, up on the coast in Aine, a small city, which should be lightly protected, by an unaffiliated local Ultra gang of all things, but She wants it taken intact, minimal property damage


I sighed and swept the paper off the desk, crumpling it up and dumping it neatly in the wastebasket.

I was overcomplicating this. Overanalyzing it. This couldn’t actually be as complicated as I was making it out to be.

Start fresh, Mia. Get this right.

I am Her Warlord. I have to conquer Ar Harbor in 30 days, with minimal damage to the town. So let’s break that down.

If I imagine myself in the future where that has already happened, what do I remember doing during this time? What part of that sentence is just vagueness, and what parts can I concretely see?

I tapped my knuckle on the old desk, valiantly resisting gnawing on it. I took out another piece of paper.

Well, going from the start of the sentence onward, the first oddness that I encountered was the title of Warlord. What did that actually mean? What could I do with it, that I couldn’t do without it? What did it entail?

I swiveled my chair, looked guiltily over to where Owner was sleeping. Officially, we watched over one another while we slept. She got the first half of the night, I got the second half. In practice I mostly settled on being in the same room as her, figured any Ultra assassins were more likely after me than her anyway.

She had, I noticed, sort of sprawled across the bed, a bunch of the bags of chips and crappy drinks her imaginary gas stands produced tossed on the floor by the bed side, lying near her outstretched hand.

Owner, lazy and sloppy as she was, was an elite Ultra, able to sustain a life inside of the Lair. A lot of that had to do with her partnership with me, but still, this was the level of power that I would be dealing with.

Lair Ultras would form the core of my army. Previous warlords had each assembled a Posse of other powerful Ultras, who accompany them from mission to mission. I would have to do likewise.

I looked back to the paper.

“Get Posse” I wrote on it. A few Ultras I could ‘trust’, people who were my peers. That would go along way. But a Posse was not an army.

“Get Army” I followed it up with. Couldn’t be a proper warlord without some kind of horde to follow me around and do horde things. Pillage, I guessed. I’d need a lot of Ultra bodies to match up with the enemies’ similar forces, make sure me and the Posse didn’t get swarmed under.

That wouldn’t be too hard. The outskirts of Shington, the city around the Lair, were a magnet for the Ultras of the Regime. There were hundreds of them, and it seemed like more arrived every day. They were hungry for distinction, hungry to slaughter the innocent if it got them one more sliver of Her attention.

I scowled. KEM had the right idea. We were abominations, apt only for the fire. I would help these ambitious fools find their glory, and the fire would follow after.

A quiet knock stirred me from these dark thoughts, and I hurried over to the door before they could knock again, and chance waking up Owner. When you only got 6 hours of sleep it was vital that they not be interrupted.

I put a hand to a vial at my belt as I opened the door, ready to blend if the need arrived, but it was only Harry.

He grinned apologetically, ducked his head down deferentially, and thrust a cupcake towards me.

I slipped into the hall.

“You know you aren’t supposed to disturb me,” I whispered.

“I know, I know,” he said. “But it was your big day, and we all saved up and scrounged until we could get you…”

He trailed off, once again indicating the cupcake.

I softened at that, my sternness collapsing. The Packers were pretty typical of the sorts of humans who managed to stay in the Lair. They operated this house, serving the Ultras who chose to inhabit it. They’d lucked out with Owner and I, and they knew it.

No, pretty typical wasn’t fair. Most people wouldn’t go out and find a cupcake for their oppressors. The Packers demonstrated a forbearance and lack of resentment that had to come from their matriarch. I could reciprocate.

I reached out, took the muffin. It looked stale and forlorn, but I’ve always believed that a sincere gift would taste better than any other kind of food.

I looked a little closer, noticed that Harry had tear streaks on his face, a nose more red than normal.

“Ah come on Harry, you aren’t chasing after Yasmine again?”

He looked away, guiltily.

I was already regretting asking. The last thing I wanted was to hear about his girl drama. I’d told him on a few occasions that if she was dumb enough to wait around for Shower to get exclusive with her then Harry could do a lot better.

“No,” he said, unconvincingly.

“Good,” I said, pretending to be convinced. I was about to go back into our room when I noticed the shadow behind him.

Billy Packer, the youngest and smallest, all big eyes and teeth in the darkness. He had his hands hidden behind his back, face pulled down in the coy little boy smile that the human race had no doubt perfected some time before we found fire.

“What’s this then?” I asked.

He put his chin down, shook his head from side to side.

“Is iiiiiit…” I drew out the word, “a slice of apple for Napoleon?”

His head shaking became faster, more emphatic.

“I told you that he’s getting fat,” I said. “I told you over and over.”

“Not a bit of apple,” he said.

Harry retreated past us, heading back down to the rest of the house.

“I believe you,” I said. “I’ll just – ha!”

I moved swiftly, reaching down behind him and bringing his hand up into the light.

A slice of apple glistened on it.

“What did I tell-“

I fell silent as he brought up his other hand, opening it up to reveal a second slice of apple.

We stood for a second in a frozen tableau, and then I released him, defeated.

I turned back to the door, chuckling, and let him set out the apples where he knew Napoleon would find it.

He, at least, had the good grace to sit quiet and tight in his nook.

Officially, he’d be asleep, but I knew the instant I turned away he’d be stumping his way over to this feast. Damn thing. One day he’d split his shell.

I looked over to Owner, making sure nothing untoward had happened with her, then returned to my work.

So, gather a posse, gather an army, easy enough. Then what?

Well, I knew that the Regime’s armies operated under weird rules. She would be watching, after all, through my eyes. I needed to know what she expected to see, make sure that I didn’t get in trouble with Her. I wouldn’t do the Cause any good as one more stain on Her fists.

That thought led to another.

“Watching through my eyes,” I murmured. Snitcher.

I’d have to reckon with him, figure out when he’d be monitoring me himself, and when he’d be letting Her see. I couldn’t chance contact with KEM, with the Resistance, until I knew more about him. I couldn’t even be sure it was safe to use my gifts on the people of the city. I had to deal with him.

And then there was transportation, securing a route, scouting the enemies… all of the considerations piled up. So much to do.

And to think, I’d wanted this. Had planned for it, schemed for it, killed for it. This nebulous opportunity had been the focus of my life for a solid half decade now.

“Time to get started,” I whispered, and set back to work.


Days remaining: 30

AP available: (4 end of last day + 1 for half night’s sleep) = 5/10

Prestige: 3

Timeslots available: 2 (morning, afternoon)

Posse: 0 out of 3 slots filled

Force size: 0

Condition: Uninjured

(Ultra format: Role, Ultra Strength/Speed/Toughness, other gift description)

Ultra Allies:

Maker- Friend, and protégé of Snitcher, 0/0/1, can summon the spirit of things

Ultra Enemies:

Masher- Enemy, and fellow protégé of Subtracter, 3*/0/3*, trades off strength and durability as she moves or stays still

Ultra Acquaintances:

Owner – housemate, 0/0/1 operates an imaginary firm, with real effects on the world,

Picker – First Fist protégé, 0/1/0, ‘selects the outcome of things’

Tracker – Running buddy, 1/0/1, Creates tracks, and can move things on them

Shower – Adder’s protégé, 1*/0/1*, gains strength and durability from witnesses

Sticker – Did dentistry for her brother, 0/0/2, Creates slime, can choose its stickiness

Echoer – Singer I am a fan of, 1/1/1, can duplicate any action that she sees

Faction Rankings:

Regime 7


Pantheon 2

Union 4

Resistance 9

Prevailer 3

Personal Actions:

Action: Seek Target Information [Company] :

Motive: The Company logs every Ultra they create. Their Ar Harbor records would be useful information

Concerns: Ultras migrate and conceal their gifts, this information would be incomplete

Timeslot cost: 1

AP Cost 2 to initiate, returns 1 on successful completion
Action: Seek Target Information [Subtracter] :

Motive: Subtracter is the military leader of the Regime. She will have information on this target.

Concerns: Subtracter is stupid and violent, I don’t like to be around her.

Timeslot cost: 1

AP Cost: 3 to initiate, returns 1 on successful completion
Action: Seek Target Information [Survivors] :

Motive: There have been 2 other attempts at Ar Harbor. I can seek out and question survivors in the outer city.

Concerns: I may be unable to find any survivors, and I may be mislead by liars.

Timeslot cost: 1

AP Cost: 2 to initiate, returns 1 on successful completion
Action: Seek Transportation [Scavenge]

Motive: My current transportation sufficed for me in my troubleshooter role, but I will likely require a larger vehicle, or several vehicles, in order to bring everyone to Ar Harbor. I can seek to find something in the suburbs and surrounding towns.

Concerns: Leaving Shington could be dangerous, and I am far from guaranteed to find a bus or truck suitable to my needs, as the area has already been heavily scavenged.

Timeslot cost: 2

AP Cost:4, returns 3 on successful completion
Action: Seek Transportation [Trade with existing owners]

Motive: As above, but instead of fixing up ruined vehicles I’ll negotiate to get them from their current owners.

Concerns: Snitcher may disapprove of a warlord being civil

Timeslot cost: 1

AP Cost: 2 to initiate, returns one on successful completion
Action: Seek Transportation [Seize by force]

Motive: As above, but instead of asking my contacts for vehicles I’ll just take what I want. My role as warlord and my Tally should minimize resistance

Concerns: People like their vehicles, and won’t like the one who takes them. I will make enemies.

Timeslot cost: 2

AP Cost: 4 to initiate, returns 3 on successful completion
Action: Seek Transportation [Adder + Company]

Motive: As above, but Adder can use his gift to make something for my purposes, and the Company can duplicate it and make it permanent.

Timeslot cost: 1

Concerns: Adder and I are not close, he may decline to aid me, owing to his rivalry with my sponsor, Subtracter.

AP Cost: 2, returns 1 on successful completion
Action: Seek Posse members

Motive: There are dozen of powerful Ultras in the Lair. I know only the barest fraction of them. I can learn the basics on 1-6 of them in a few hours of socializing and gossiping, opening up in depth investigation options on them and adding them to my list of acquaintances.

Concerns: None

Timeslot cost: 1

AP Cost: 1, returns 1 on successful completion
Action: Investigate Acquaintance:

Motive: I can spend some serious one on one time with an Ultra I’ve chosen, evaluating the capability of their gift, the alignment of their values with mine, and their basic competence. If all checks out, I might move them into my Ultra Allies column.

Concerns: None

Timeslot cost: 1

AP Cost: 2, returns 1 on completion, 2 (total, not 2 +1) if we match and become allies
Action: Invite Ally into Posse:

Motive: If I want to bring an Ultra into my posse, get them to take actions on my behalf and rise or fall with me, this is the way to do it. I will only take this action on those I’ve already made allies, and once this has been taken it is difficult to undo.

Concerns: Posse members are most of the way into my circle of trust, and will operate on my behalf, representing me to strangers. A mistake here would be dangerous and damaging. I should be careful before taking this step, potentially investigating a prospect several times.

Timeslot cost: 1

Ap Cost 3, returns 3 if they accept
Action: Seek information on Snitcher’s patterns [passive listening]

Motive: Snitcher can ride my senses at any moment, and bring Her along. If I am ever to contact my KEM allies, my resistance allies, or show any kindness or weakness whatsoever, I need to understand when this is likely to take place. Gossip can hint at this, particularly if I carefully steer conversations. This action would be mostly undetectable, even if he was riding me when I took it.

Concerns: None

Timeslot cost: 1

AP Cost: 1 returns 1 if successful
Action: Seek information on Snitcher’s patterns [Active interrogation of snitches]

Motive: As above, but rather than listen for random gossip I will seek out other linked individuals and directly ask them how often he rides their senses, and what actions he has reacted to in the past.

Concerns: More likely Snitcher notices this, unknown consequences of that.

Timeslot cost: 1

AP Cost: 3 returns 2 if successful
Action: Seek information on Snitcher’s patterns [Confront Snitcher directly]

Motive: As above, but take the simplest possible route. Go to Snitcher and ask him for the deal.

Concerns: I am sponsored by Subtracter, not Snitcher, he may not wish to aid me. He may demand favors or other services in exchange for the information.

Timeslot cost: 1

AP Cost:4, returns 3 if successful
Action: Seek information on Regime military operations [ Query Subtracter]

Motive: My life depends on doing this right. I need to get a basic understanding of what She is expecting from my attack on Ar Harbor. Do I need to seize the Company Facility? Kill all the enemies? Are there any constraints on how I go about it? Subtracter is the leader of the Regime’s military, and my sponsor, she will know these answers.

Concerns: Subtracter is stupid and brutal, and she killed my neighbors. I hate spending time with her

Timeslot cost: 1

AP Cost: 3, returns 1 if successful
Action: Seek information on Regime military operations [Ask around]

Motive: As above, but ask survivors of previous missions instead of my evil boss.

Concerns: My predecessors may not have told them everything, their views of their missions may omit certain command level details that I need to worry about.

Timeslot cost: 1

AP Cost: 2, returns 1 if successful
Action: Lounge around in the house/room, doing nothing and risking nothing

Motive: I could do with some relaxation and rest

Concerns: None

Timeslot cost: 1

AP Cost: 0, returns 1 if successful
Action: Seek entertainment in the city, patronize establishments that provide such services

Motive: I could do with a recharge, and I might extend my circle of acquaintances in the process

Concerns: None

Timeslot cost: 1

AP Cost: 1, returns 3 if successful
Action: Use my gift to help the populace by blending attributes to allow reconstruction of the works of their fallen fathers.

Motive: I feel most myself when I take a some to work on rebuilding the old world.

Concerns: This is not becoming behavior for a warlord, Snitcher may take notice, and people may talk

Timeslot cost: 1

AP Cost: 2, returns 5 if successful
Action: Use my gift to help the human subjects of the Regime by restoring their forms, returning them to health.

Motive: I like to heal the sick and the injured, it is, on some level, what I am for.

Concerns: This is not becoming behavior ofr a warlord, Snitcher may take notice, and people may talk

Timeslot cost: 1

AP Cost: 1, returns 5 if successful
Action: Seek new residence

Motive: I could get more done if I got a full night’s sleep

Concerns: Owner and I have guarded one another’s rest for a long time. I wouldn’t necessarily be able to trust a new person to the same extent.

Timeslot cost: 1

AP Cost: 3, returns 1 if successful
Action: Organize armory

Motive: I carry, in my backpack and on my person, various items to blend with if the need arises. I am overdue to look through my setup and take an inventory, once that is done I could seek out new objects if I am missing anything useful.

Concerns: None

Timeslot cost: 1

AP Cost: 2, returns 2 if successful
KEM Actions: (Sealed until I figure out how to deal with Snitcher’s surveillance, or resolve to defy him)

Resistance Actions: (Sealed until I figure out how to deal with Snitcher’s surveillance, or resolve to defy him)
Action: Other

Motive: [Write In]

Concerns: [Write In]

Timeslot cost: [Write In]

AP Cost: You propose, QM will try and get AP cost/rewards back to you before voting closes

Vote input format

Please specify what actions you want to perform, and what slot you want to put them in. You can make the plans more complicated if you like, changing your second action depending on the results of the first. Please don’t hesitate to ask me questions, in the SV thread or on my blog. I’ll try and get back either way. Voting closes Saturday night, next update will be next Sunday night. Remember this is slate voting, not by time slot.

Thanks for reading/playing!

One thought on “Regime Quest: 4

  1. Morning: Seek Target Information (Company)
    Easy, sensible, and a good start on seeing the potential opposition.
    Afternoon: Seek entertainment, and passive listening/gossip with acquaintances there to see when Snitcher does his work. (-0/+1 and -3/+3 AP costs, respectively).
    Expanding options early is good; entertainment also provides plausible cover. (Also information even if they don’t accept: “Snitcher’s more likely watching during entertainment”)

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