Regime Quest 22

Results from Previous round votes:

1 Vote plan CCC

1 Vote plan Talon


Winning Plan:

Morning: Seek information on Regime military operations: Ask Subtractor.

Let’s get the mission parameters sorted out once and for all.

Afternoon: Relax and recuperate, by patronising entertainment areas. We’re still a bit low on AP.

Builder: Memorise patterns: Guns. We’ve solved out transport issue. Now on to the question of armaments…

Owner: Let’s take a long shot here. Owner hires a firm of imaginary people in a sort of shadow world. Vanisher sends people to a sort of shadow world. There may be a teeny tiny chance that these are the same shadow world… in which case Owner, by taking out an ad in the Ar Harbour papers (looking for ‘those vanished by Merlin’) might be able to obtain the transcripts of a series of interviews by people who know things that Vanisher didn’t want widely known. This will probably lead to nothing; but if it succeeds, it’ll be well worth it.

Smasher: Direct the Warband: Train in Anti Firearm Maneuvers. (“I’m gonna be throwing a bunch of little rocks at you lot, k? Don’t let them hit.”)

Day 19 Log :

4 AP at start of day (3 at end of last day +1 for half night’s sleep)

-3 for seek info on Regime Military Operations from Subtracter (1 AP)

Roll 3, +0 for failure (1 AP)

-1 for R&R (0 AP)

Roll 10, +4 for critical success (4 AP)

Builder: Memorize Gun pattern

Roll 9, success

Owner: Long Shot

Roll 9, failure

Builder: Smasher, train warband

Roll 10, Crit Success

End of day, 4 AP


Talk to Subtracter:

“I just want to make sure I don’t fuck this up,” I told my psychotic boss.  “We both want to make sure that She gets what She wants out of this, right?”

Subtracter frowned and nodded.

“That’s a good idea,” she said.  “Sometimes people mess up, and She doesn’t like it.  If I told you ahead of time, you’d be more likely to get it right.”

I refrained from rolling my eyes as we carefully derived the concept of a requirements document, but so much more rubbish.

“I know you’ve said that she doesn’t like it when we win because of numbers.  How strict is she about that?”

She held out her hands, taking her attention away from the trembling minion who was trying to fix her pinball machine.  They were both parallel to the ground, and she sort of wavered them back and forth.

“She doesn’t, like, count.  I mean, I think She can, and to very high numbers, but She doesn’t bother with that sort of thing.  Just make sure that there are about as many of you as there are of them.”

“Does that apply to leadership and rank and file separately, or does She only count the entire units?”

Subtracter squinted at me, not seeming to understand exactly what I was asking.  She turned back to the luckless person she’d enlisted to fix her machine, who clearly had no idea what they were doing.

“Is it ok to have more awesome people, if the Ar Harbor gang has more people total?” I tried, striving to hit the proper balance between being understood and not being seen as talking down to them.

Understanding seemed to break across her face.

“Oh, yeah,” she said, “You want to have about the same number of cool people and chumps.  Make sure your posse doesn’t outnumber their main crew, and your army doesn’t have more people than their big crew.”

I nodded.

“I understand,” I said.  “And the only Posse members who count for this are the ones who are there and fighting, right?  Support Posse wouldn’t count?”

“Like, pussies who don’t fight?” she asked, bemused.  “Nobody cares about them.”

I made a mental note, if Smasher and I were the only ones who ended up fighting I only needed to let 2 of the Round Table crew make it to the battle.  King Arthur should probably be one of them, so that their warband numbers didn’t suddenly change, but the others were fair game.

“Thanks,” I said.  “And I had another question.”

I pressed on despite the warning wrinkling of her brow.  My life was riding on this, and it gave me the courage to dare Subtracter’s uncertain temper.

“Is the date of the battle exactly day 31, or can I get any leeway on that?”

“Why do you want to change it?” she asked, still seeming a bit weirded out by these questions.

“These jackasses are on to us,” I said.  “That’s probably why the other Warlords had problems.  They sent goons in town to try and take out Posse prospects, that kind of thing.  I think they might try and cock block Her, maybe run away so She doesn’t get Her entertainment, something like that.”

“Fuckers,” cursed Subtracter.

The guy fixing the pinball machine cringed down over it, as though he was trying to become invisible.

“Yeah,” she said, after a moment. “Just tell Her the new time, and you can change the big day.”

I winced.  I’d hoped that Subtracter would take care of notifying Prevailer, but that might have been naïve.

“Finally,” I said.  “I’d like to know more about what it means to ‘leave the place intact’.  I know She wants…”

“That’s obvious, isn’t it?” asked Subtracter.

“Like,” I tried, “If things get broken, but Builder fixes them back up, would that…”

I trailed off as Subtracter lost her patience, stalking forward and grabbing the repair guy.

“Fuck you,” she told him, dragging him out of the door as he shrieked in fear.

I froze, memories of my brother and neighbors rising in me, even as Subtracter cocked back her arm.

“Don’t,” I started to say, but crushed down my voice into a sort of inarticulate squawk, like a clearing my throat noise.

Subtracter gave a snarl, and tossed the man into the sky.

Those in my village who resisted had gone the same way.  Rising out of my life with despairing screams.

“Fucker,” she said again.  “Let’s find someone who doesn’t suck.”

I kept my composure until she was out of my presence, betrayed only by the sweat on my brow and the hammering of my heart.


Rest and Recuperate via public entertainment:

No matter how much things went to shit, people were people.

I’d abandoned my plans for the day, put everything to the side as I tried to get memories of Subtracter’s assault on my village out of my mind.  I knew myself, knew I’d be good for nothing if I let myself spiral.

Beautiful flute music rolled gently over me, the performer coaxing sweet sounds from a battered and obviously well loved instrument.

I relaxed into my booth, trying to let myself really listen to the music, pushing the screams that plagued my subconscious back down into the depths of my mind.

“Get a grip” I told myself.  “Its in the past.  It already happened.  You don’t gain anything from dwelling on this.”

That went about as well as reasoning myself out of being sad always did.  I gritted my teeth and winced as my brother’s dying scream played out yet again.

“Hey bitch!” shouted someone.  “Cut that shit out!”

I was moving before she finished, eyes focused once again on the world around me.  An Ultra had walked in the door and was stalking towards the stage.

The performer dropped her flute down to her side, bowing her head in apology.

“Are you fucking confused?” asked the Ultra.  “Did, ‘get dinner’, sound like ‘bow into your fucking stick’ to you?

Before the human could respond I stepped out in front of her, placing myself in her owner’s path.

“Fuck you,” I told her.

“Warlord, I…” she began, recognizing me instantly.

She was a short woman, curly hair, Sigil a beret.  No one I knew.  Probably no one important.

“You stop the fucking music?  You going to play?”

I kept the questions rapid fire, keeping her off balance as I closed.

“I…no, this bitch-“ she tried, her words tripping over one another.

“This bitch plays the flute,” I told her.  “And I’m guessing you don’t, so she is officially more interesting to me than you.”

The Ultra took a step back, hands out in a placating gesture.

“She’s yours,” she said, stepping backwards again.  “I didn’t meant to-“

“Get out,” I told her.

She took a step back.

“Of the Lair,” I continued.

She paused, protest visible to in her face.

“Or you could die,” I told her, reaching lazily out towards her face.

It was, occasionally, gratifying that everyone knew of my death touch.  She kind of wilted in the face of my provocation, and basically fled into the streets, running as though I was right on her heels.

I turned back around and slid myself into the seat, waving lazily at the performer.

I’d see to her after this, make sure she landed on her feat somewhere.  It shouldn’t be hard.  There were plenty of Ultras who’d sponsor someone with a useful talent.

As the music started up again, I realized that the screaming in my mind had gone quiet.


Debrief Posse:

I was annoyed, but not terribly surprised, to find that my evening debrief was still just me, Owner and Builder.  Smasher only volunteered the morning slot for good reason, it was the only time she was even vaguely sober.

“Guns?” I asked Builder.

“Guns,” she said.  “They were super simple, once I started to think of them as basically small trucks whose payloads were bullets, and whose tires were triggers.”

I chuckled.

“Sure,” I said.  “But you can make them?”

“Without any trouble,” she said.  “I’ve got the patterns for the bolt action things the warband scrounged up, and also for some pistols that shoot a lot faster.  I can make them out of another one of these.”

At that, she showed me one of her little pouches of material shards, like the one she had for trucks.  Soon enough she’d have a bandolier of these things, if I had my way.  I wanted my very own Adder, and Builder was as close as it got.

“Do you think you could make better guns?” I asked.  “If you we got you some?  Would you need another session with them?”

She gave a hesitant nod.

“I’d probably need another afternoon to work on them.  But, like, I wouldn’t be worried about failing, if that makes any sense?  I feel like I have a basic understanding of shooting related stuff at this point.  I’d be very surprised if there was too many more new things to learn.”

I thought she might be underestimating the artisans of the past, but I left is aside for now.

“Owner?” I asked.

She gave a sad, slow headshake.

“I don’t think their disappearing gift and mine go to the same place,” she said, simply.

I’d kind of expected that.

“So wasted effort?” I asked.

“Not entirely,” she answered.  “I am getting some income from the rental properties now.  I think the imaginary world is taking my interest in missing people as, like, a reason to think we are better or nicer people?  So it is sending me more clients?”

It must be frustrating to have such an imprecise gift.  Mine was hard enough to understand, but everything about hers had to be learned through laborious trial and error.

“Sounds good,” I answered.  “Not as good as the info we wanted, but something at least.”

“It might help if I wanted to buy, say, guns?”

She looked pointedly over at Builder, giving her a lazy smile.

“There might be permit issues,” I guessed, “for the kind of guns we need, but it shouldn’t be impossible.”

They grinned over at me, the same expression on two separate faces.

“And our third?” I asked.  “Did Smasher tell anyone how her day went?”

It was Owner who gave the answer.

“She said it sucked, that they sucked, and that your plan sucked.”

“So…not so great?”

“Well,” Builder chimed in, “She decided to focus on hand fighting training, then changed her mind to imagining everyone in Fists.”

I rolled my eyes.

I remembered that game from my early days, picking a group of five and trying to imagine how they’d work as Fists.  I’d never heard of anyone actually going through with it for training purposes, however.

“Yeah, she decided to split everyone up and have a ‘Fist Tournament’, where they would fight in groups of five.”

“I guess that didn’t work so well,” I said, “what with their being 17 of them and all.”

“Yeah,” Owner, seizing the story back again, “So she marched them out and dragooned other Ultras, grabbed six in the first batch and it still didn’t work out.”

“How many do we have now?” I asked, slowly.

“25,” said Builder, “Though the new ones may not be quite up to the quality of the ones you got in the Yard.  And they’ve had a day of hand fighting training, and there are 5 lieutenants, or ‘fist leaders’ as she calls them, so they are a little more organized than before.”

“Fine day’s work,” I said.

And really, it was.



Day 20:

Days remaining: 11

AP available: (4 at end of day + 1 for 6 hours sleep) = 5/10

Prestige: 3

Timeslots available: 2, morning and afternoon

Builder Timeslot Available: afternoon

Owner Timeslot Available: afternoon

Smasher : Timeslot Available: morning

Posse: 3 or 3 out of 3 slots filled

Force size: 25

Condition: Healthy

(Ultra format: Role, Ultra Strength/Speed/Toughness, other gift description)


Builder — 0/0/0, a woman who can alter objects for miles around into other things, blessed with a ‘Bulletproof’ blend

Owner – housemate, 0/0/1 operates an imaginary firm, with real effects on the world,

Smasher — 3/0/1, a woman who is billed as the strongest Ultra fighter of all time

Ultra Allies:

Maker- Friend, and protégé of Snitcher, 0/0/1, can summon the spirit of things

Clawer – Ultra fighter 2/0/1, melee combatant, deadly hooks for hands

Stopper – partner of Clawer, 0/0/0, steals form’s velocity by looking at them

Sticker – Did dentistry for her brother, 0/0/2, Creates slime, can choose its stickiness

Grower – 0/*0/1, an outside Ultra I sponsored into the Lair, has a bullet blend from me, can rapidly increase the size and mass of objects

Joker — 0/2/0, a woman who can change what other people/herself look like

Replayer — 1/2/0, she can ‘step back in time’ to undo damage that she takes

Ultra Enemies:

Masher- Enemy, and fellow protégé of Subtracter, 3*/0/3*, trades off strength and durability as she moves or stays still

Picker – First Fist protégé, 0/1/0, ‘selects the outcome of things’

Ultra Acquaintances:

Tracker – Running buddy, 1/0/1, Creates tracks, and can move things on them

Shower – Adder’s protégé, 1*/0/1*, gains strength and durability from witnesses

Echoer – Singer I am a fan of, 1/1/1, can duplicate any action that she sees

Bubbler – Operates Ultra clinic 0/0/?, traps things in bubbles that heal and move them

Sucker — Ultra entertainer, ?/?/?, pulls objects/people towards her at incredible rate

Gunner — 0/0/1, she shoots tracking Ultra Blasts at roughly Ultra Strength One

Chiller — 1/0/1, can freeze any object she touches, leaving them brittle and easily broken

Cutter — 1/1/1, she is a brutal front line combatant

Swimmer — 1/0/1, she can ‘swim’ through solid surfaces

Burner — 0/0/1, she can summon Ultra fire from anywhere that she can see

Maxxer — 0/0/0, she can augment the gifts of other Ultras, pushing their gifts

Puncher — 1/0/1, her strength and speed both go up when she repeats her movements

Faction Rankings:

Regime 7


Pantheon 2

Union 4

Resistance 9

Prevailer 3

Knights 3



[ ] Contact Knights (Timeslot cost: 1, AP cost 2, returns 1 on success)

Motive: My recent actions have opened up the possibility of collaboration with the Knights of Purity. Their assistance could be valuable, insofar as they don’t count towards the Regime’s ridiculous rule against outnumbering our enemies, and I might be able to acquire some of their blessed equipment if I play my cards right.

Concerns: I don’t know if I really want to be associating with such a group. KEM wouldn’t mind, but the Resistance would pull away from me, and I might end up coming into contact with Second Fist or their sponsored Ultras. It is likely that anything they might want from me would be rather evil.


[ ] Seek Transportation

-[ ] Scavenge (Timeslot cost: 2; AP cost 4, refunds 3 on success)

Motive: My current transportation sufficed for me in my troubleshooter role, but I will likely require a larger vehicle, or several vehicles, in order to bring everyone to Ar Harbor. I can seek to find something in the suburbs and surrounding towns.

Concerns: Leaving Shington could be dangerous, and I am far from guaranteed to find a bus or truck suitable to my needs, as the area has already been heavily scavenged.

-[ ] Trade with existing owners (Timeslot cost: 1; AP cost 2, refunds 1 on success)

Motive: As above, but instead of fixing up ruined vehicles I’ll negotiate to get them from their current owners.

Concerns: Snitcher may disapprove of a warlord being civil

-[ ] Seize by force (Timeslot cost: 2; AP cost 4, refunds 3 on success)

Motive: As above, but instead of asking my contacts for vehicles I’ll just take what I want. My role as warlord and my Tally should minimize resistance

Concerns: People like their vehicles, and won’t like the one who takes them. I will make enemies.

-[ ] Seek Transportation [Adder + Company] (Timeslot cost: 1; AP cost 2, refunds 1 on success)

Motive: As above, but Adder can use his gift to make something for my purposes, and the Company can duplicate it and make it permanent.

Concerns: Adder and I are not close, he may decline to aid me, owing to his rivalry with my sponsor, Subtracter.


[ ] Seek Target Information

-[ ] Company (Timeslot cost: 1; AP cost 2, refunds 1 on success)

Motive: The Company logs every Ultra they create. Their Ar Harbor records would be useful information

Concerns: Ultras migrate and conceal their gifts, this information would be incomplete

-[ ] Subtracter (Timeslot cost: 1; AP cost 3, refunds 1 on success)

Motive: Subtracter is the military leader of the Regime, she will have information on this target

Concerns: Subtracter is stupid and violent, I don’t like to be around her

-[ ] Survivors (Timeslot cost:1; AP cost 2, refunds 1 on success)

Motive: There have been 2 other attempts at Ar Harbor. I can seek out and question survivors in the outer city.

Concerns: I may be unable to find any survivors, and I may be misled by liars.


[ ] Seek Posse Members

-[ ] wander & gossip, (Timeslot cost: 1; AP cost 1, refunds 1 on success)

Motive: There are dozens of powerful Ultras in the Lair. I know only the barest fraction of them. I can learn the basics on 1-6 of them in a few hours of socializing and gossiping, opening up in depth investigation options on them and adding them to my list of acquaintances.

Concerns: None

-[ ] At Ultra Fights, (Timeslot cost: 1; AP cost 1, refunds 1 on success)

Constraint: Only available in the afternoon or night on days divisible by 4 (day 4, 8, etc)

Motive: There are dozens of powerful Ultras in the Lair. I know only the barest fraction of them. I can learn the basics on 3-12 of them in a few hours of socializing and gossiping at this kind of event.

Concerns: Ultras associated with the Fights are more likely than most to be melee combatants.


[ ] Seek Warband Members

-[ ] At the Yard, (Timeslot cost: 1; AP cost 2, refunds 1 on success)

Motive: The Lair is surrounded by hundreds of Regime Ultras. The strongest come to the Yard to show their power and appeal to those like me, who would give them purpose. I should be able to gather between 5 and 20 Ultras of such caliber.

Concerns: I will need to provide housing and direction to these Ultras, or risk them wandering off. I can expect to spend at least an action a day on them, and training them might well eat up more. Ideally a Posse member will be tasked with this.

-[ ] [Gang name] From a Gang, (Timeslot cost: 2; AP cost 5, refunds 3 on success)

Motive: The Ultras that surround Shington are organized into Gangs dozens strong. If I can recruit such a force I might have my whole Warband right there.

Concerns: These Ultras likely already have patrons in the Lair, who I would need to negotiate with. Their leader would also likely want a place in my Posse, and she would be the primary locus of their loyalty until I’d had time to win them over.


[ ] Investigate Acquaintance:

-[ ] [Name], (Timeslot cost: 1; AP cost 2, refunds 1 on success, 2 if we become allies)

Motive: I can spend some serious one on one time with an Ultra I’ve chosen, evaluating the capability of their gift, the alignment of their values with mine, and their basic ccompetence. If all checks out, I might move them into my Ultra Allies column.

Concerns: None


[ ] Invite Ally into Posse:

-[ ] [Name], (Timeslot cost: 1; AP cost 3, refunds 3 on success)

Motive: If I want to bring an ally into my posse, get them to take actions on my behalf and rise or fall with me, this is the way to do it. I will only take this action on those I’ve already made allies, and once this has been taken it is difficult to undo.

Concerns: Posse members are most of the way into my circle of trust, and will operate on my behalf, representing me to stranger. A mistake here would be dangerous and damaging. I should be careful before taking this step, potentially investigating a prospect several times.


[ ] Seek Information on Snitcher’s patterns

-[ ] Passive listening (Timeslot cost: 1; AP cost 1, refunds 1 on success)

Motive: Snitcher can ride my senses at any moment, and bring Her along. If I am ever to contact my KEM allies, my resistance allies, or show any kindness or weakness whatsoever, I need to understand when this is likely to take place. Gossip can hint at this, particularly if I carefully steer conversations. This action would be mostly undetectable, even if he was riding me when I took it.

Concerns: None

-[ ] Active interrogation of Snitches (Timeslot cost: 1; AP cost 3, refunds 2 on success)

Motive: As above, but rather than listen for random gossip I will seek out other linked individuals and directly ask them how often he rides their senses, and what actions he has reacted to in the past.

Concerns: More likely Snitcher notices this, unknown consequences of that.

-[ ] Confront Snitcher Directly (Timeslot cost:1; AP cost 4, refunds 3 on success)

Motive: As above, but take the simplest possible route. Go to Snitcher and ask him for the deal.

Concerns: I am sponsored by Subtracter, not Snitcher, he may not wish to aid me. He may demand favors or other services in exchange for the information.


[ ] Seek Information on Regime military operations

-[ ] Ask Subtracter (Timeslot cost: 1; AP cost 3, refunds 1 on success)

Motive: My life depends on doing this right. I need to get a basic understanding of what She is expecting from my attack on Ar Harbor. Do I need to seize the Company Facility? Kill all the enemies? Are there any constraints on how I go about it? Subtracter is the leader of the Regime’s military, and my sponsor, she will know these answers.

Concerns: Subtracter is stupid and brutal, and she killed my neighbors, I hate spending time with her.

-[ ] Ask Around (Timeslot cost: 1; AP cost 2, refunds 1 on success)

Motive: As above, but ask survivors of previous missions instead of my evil boss.

Concerns: My predecessors may not have told them everything, their views of their missions may omit certain command level details that I need to worry about.


[ ] Relax and Recuperate

-[ ] By visiting Blisser (Timeslot cost: X (slots spent until AP reaches max), AP cost 0, returns 3 per time period. DANGER, this action may cause addiction)

-[ ]By lounging around, (Timeslot cost: 1, AP cost 0, refunds 1 on success)

Motive: I could do with some rest.

Concerns: None

-[ ]By patronizing entertainment areas (Timeslot cost: 1, AP cost 1, refunds 3 on success)

Motive: I could do with some rest, and I might learn some things by socializing

Concerns: None

-[ ]By using my gift to repair the city (Timeslot cost: 1, AP cost 2, refunds 5 on success)

Motive: It needs to be done.

Concerns: This is not becoming behavior of a warlord, Snitcher may take notice, and people may talk

-[ ]By using my gift to heal people (Timeslot cost: 1, AP cost 1, refunds 5 on success)

Motive: This is why I have my gift.

Concerns: This is not becoming behavior of a warlord, Snitcher may take notice, and people may talk


[ ] Organize Armory [Timeslot cost: 1, AP cost 2, returns 2 on success)

Motive: I carry, in my backpack and on my person, various items to blend with if the need arises. I am overdue to look through my setup and take an inventory, once that is done I could seek out new objects if I am missing anything useful.


Concerns: None


[ ] Action: Direct the Warband (Timeslot cost 0, AP cost 1, returns 1 if successful)

Motive: If I need to set my warband in motion, give them a project or whatever, it is as simple as telling them to jump.  My will is their command.

-[ ] Let [Posse Member] Supervise, takes up the Posse Member’s action, modifies success chance based on which Posse member it is, and which action


[ ] Action: Train the Warband (Timeslot cost 0, AP cost 1, returns 1 if successful) [Requires a timeslot from the teacher, who should probably be an Ultra combatant]

Motive: Yard Ultras are fierce, but undisciplined.  They are warriors, not soldiers.  I can get better outcomes if I teach them some basics.

-[ ] In Ultra Combat (Gives bonuses on their battle rolls)

-[ ] In anti firearm maneuvers (Makes them suffer less casualties under fire)

-[ ] In obedience (makes them more likely to obey my orders)


[ ] Action: Other (Timeslot cost: x, returns x if successful)


KEM Actions:

[ ] Assign Assassination mission [Timeslot cost 1, AP cost 3, returns 1 on success, can only be done in the morning, uncertain Snitcher risk]


Description: KEM are the only humans who fight back on a consistent, day to day basis.  We’ve come up together, they and I, and pointing them at my foes is only common sense.  If I give them a target, then I trust them to make a good faith effort to put that Ultra down.  Their odds of success, of course, vary wildly depending on how much info I can provide, and the gifts of the Ultra in question.


Resistance Actions:

[ ] Assign Information Gathering Mission [Timeslot cost 1, AP cost 2, returns 1 on success, can only be done in the morning, uncertain Snitcher risk]

Description: The humans are the ocean in which the Ultras swim, the saying goes.  The Resistance’s capacity to gather information about Ultras is unsurpassed.  If I give them a target, then they will give me every bit of public information on the target, and often times a little bit more.  Ultras are people, after all.  I believe this with all my heart.  And people trust other people, even those that they ultimately shouldn’t.  I can assign as many targets as I wish, but the more I assign the less details I will probably get, and the longer it might take.


[ ] Debrief Information Gathering Mission [Timeslot cost 1, AP cost 0, returns 1 on success, can only be done in the morning, uncertain Snitcher risk]

Description: The information that the Resistance gathers is worthless if I never regain it.  Using protocols I’ve worked out ahead of time, and my recent discovery of Snitcher’s habits, it should be possible for me to take the Resistance’s reports with minimal risk.  I expect I should give them a day or two for local targets, and possibly as much as four for targets in Ar Harbor or further afield.

Smasher Actions:

[ ] Recuperate [Timeslot cost All]

Description: Smasher hangs on the edge of death.  Her body and gift will try to knit her back together each day.


Owner Actions:

[ ] Acquire Funds [Timeslot cost 1]

Description: Owner takes action to get more and more valuable assets within our world, increasing her overall funding, hopefully permitting her gift’s actions to be swifter and larger in impact. (Requires Write In clarification on how to do this)

[ ] Change Company [ Timeslot cost 1]

Description: Owner presently runs a package store, located in downtown Washington.  She has, as near as I can estimate, a low six figures saved up.  With this action I can direct her to acquire licenses, expand locations, purchase other businesses, or perform similar deeds, all based around changing the operation and activities of her imaginary franchise. (Requires Write In clarification on how to do this)

[ ] Company Action [ Timeslot cost 2]

Description: This is a catchall action for anything I might think of that could let Owner impact the main battle in Ar Harbor.  Buying up local real estate and demolishing it on a certain date seems like the obvious course of action, but there are a lot of other fringe ideas that I’ve been entertaining. [Requires Write In clarification on how to do this.  The first Action spent on this is about Owner doing tests to make sure this effort will work, the second actually kicks off whatever changes I want in the imaginary world.]

Builder Actions:

[ ] Repair Structure [Timeslot cost 1]

Description: Builder can repair most any structure any structure in just a few hours, spreading broken portions back into place and generating new matter as needed.


[ ] Construct Known Structure [ Timeslot cost 1]


Description: Builder can construct any easily described structure with the same ease that she repairs them.  Her present education limits this to extremely primitive structures, but that might well be changeable.


[ ] Construct Known Items [Timeslot cost 1]


Description: Builder’s gits aren’t limited to buildings.  If she can get a perfect understanding of an objects, and samples for every component, then she can form any items that I might desire.  The easiest way to accomplish this, of course, would be to provide her with a sample.


[ ] Memorize Patterns [ Timeslot cost 1]


Description: Builder’s gifts are heavily limited by her imperfect education.  The more patterns I can get her to learn, the more she can construct from any given material.  If I provide her with patterns or specimens I’m pretty sure she can memorize them and add them to her arsenal.




3 thoughts on “Regime Quest 22

  1. I think Smasher’s “available actions” could probably use an update. She’s definitely smashed her injuries now, so…

    1. Smasher and Blender haven’t really sat down and talked over what Smasher’s gift can do.

      Blender is typically busy in the morning, while Smasher is generally incapacitated in the evening.

      You can still give her the general actions or use custom actions if you really want her to, like, throw a mountain at someone.

  2. Ah. Okay, makes sense. And _this_ morning, we will be busy with other stuff…

    Morning: Debrief Information Gathering Mission
    Afternoon: Train the warband: In Ultra Combat. Smasher did a great job with them yesterday… but let’s magnify her efforts.

    Owner: Acquire Funds: Offer a 50c donation to a charitable organisation that specialises in helping kidnap victims per purchase. This both appeals to the charitable instincts of her imaginary clientele directly, and enhances her company’s moral image; and thus, presumably, her overall income.

    Go through with the donation, of course. The last thing you want is some imaginary journalist finding trouble.

    This is also the start of building up towards creating – and financing – a private security contractor which specialises in rescuing kidnap victims, garnering income from bounties placed on the kidnappers and donations from grateful clients (which, in this world, will allow us fast access to some pretty neat guns and other equipment).

    Builder: Memorise patterns: Bulletproof vests. Extra protection for the Warband.

    Smasher (morning): Recruit Ultras for the warband, from the Yard. The warband could use a few more warm bodies, a better to bring them in early, so there’s more time to train them.

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