Interlude : Mangler

Time:  At the same time that Fourth Fist is being deployed to seek peace with the Union

Place: A room in the Castle


Refiner: How do you think they’ll do?

Mangler:  Badly.

Refiner:  A direct answer.  Can you be more specific?

Mangler:  Very badly.

Refiner: Why?

Mangler:  Subtracter took their whole team apart, in about a minute.

Refiner:  Subtracter is Her fist.  It is no shame to fall before her.

Mangler: Come on.  It was one on five.

Refiner:  I take your point.

Mangler:  Fists are supposed to have people who are basically on par with the very best.  First Fist has the dog guy.  You guys have Lucy.  Third Fi-

Refiner: Like I said, I understand your meaning.

Mangler:  I’m not saying that they are weak, don’t get it twisted.  I’m just saying that Rebeccah is their only truly big deal, and she is totally passive.

Refiner: So, another Sixth Fist situation?

Mangler:  Just about.  Preventer should anchor them the same way that Fader does.  They may lose a lot of fights, but they shouldn’t die like the last gals did.

Refiner: I see.


Refiner: You understand, of course, that this criticism could be taken as disloyalty to Her.

Mangler: *snort*

Refiner: Your irreverance-

Mangler: Look, I’ll talk to this puppet if you want to play it that way, but I’m not going to be threatened by it.

Deceiver: Alright, sheesh.

2 thoughts on “Interlude : Mangler

    1. Mangler is a bit of a social chameleon, kind of matching the energy of whoever she is hanging with.

      She tends to deal with Fists by busting their chops a bit. She figures (on some level, this isn’t necessarily a conscious thought) that it is safer for her to activate their “peer” patterns than their “subordinate” ones, because they are kind of horrific.

      Naturally, this is only a thing that she can get away with because the garrison in the Castle is kind of critical path, and a Fist that scrapped with them would probably end up doing their job.

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