Interlude : Krishna

Time:  Shortly after the Redo incident

Place: A secure location in Texas, Pantheon side



Kami:  Well, what is it?

Krishna: Sire, I’m not stupid.  I know I was set up.

Kami: Why do you believe this?

Krishna: Thor was aimed at me, and I was expressly forbidden from removing the danger.  My gift was twitchy for weeks about it, but I obeyed.  Then the Archenemy arrives on my doorstep, exactly as he is making his move against me.

Kami: The-

Krishna: We are massacred wholesale.  My forces suffer serious attrition, Thor’s are annihilated, and the enemy is triumphant.  And yet you show up to commend me?  A promotion?

Kami: What happened to you was unavoidable.  We do not believe that it reflects a failing in your efforts at command.

Krishna: I know it was unavoidable, in the same way that “what is 2 + 2, don’t say 4” is unanswerable.  I was prevented from avoiding it, and now I’m not being punished for my failure.  Taken together, it is apparent that the whole thing was a setup.

Kami: As wise as I’ve heard, if a bit headstrong.

Krishna: I’m right here.

Kami: Apologies.  One grows accustomed to a certain oblique manner of speaking, in the circles I travel in-

Krishna: The Leadership.

Kami: yes, yes, that’s what I meant.  …  In any case, you are quite correct.  Your force was expended in order to confirm a report.

Krishna: What report?  What information was worth the lives of so many of our Ultras?

Kami: A hole in Her protector’s sight.  A weakness, at long last.

Krishna: Prevailer’s protector?

Kami:  Have you ever wondered why Zeus never simply lead a kill team to destroy Her, as he did Fourth Fist?

Krishna:  I don’t want to know.  It doesn’t seem safe to speculate about.  Above my level.  I wouldn’t want to be seen as doubting Zeus.

Kami: Well, there is no harm in speaking in generalities.  The reason that no one has ever killed Ms. Martin is that She is defended by some manner of forsight or prediction.  Events are steered to benefit her.  Until this is no longer the case, all direct confrontations are unwise.

Krishna:  And somehow setting my unit up changed that?

Kami: Not exactly.  It exposed a weakness that an intelligence source had described.  Due to a certain factor, events transpired in a manner that was not forseen, which will lead to minor ripple effects.  Of greater interest is setting up a situation to exploit this weakness again, and strip the Archenemy of her defenses long enough to put her down.

Krishna: What factor, and what weakness?

Kami: My apologies, but that information is, as you say, “above your level”.

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