Interlude: Thui

Time:  Present day (same time as Fourth Fist are arriving to negotiate peace with the Union)

Place: Preventer’s dwelling in Shington


Perry: It’s a girl.

Thui: Congratulations, brother.

Perry: You should have been there.  It was a difficult birth.

Thui:  Cass is strong.  I knew she’d pull through.

Perry: Thui… imagine if she hadn’t.

Thui: Why dwell on such things?

Perry: Your sister in law was in danger, she could have died.

Thui: She’s fine, is she not?

Perry: What if she wasn’t?  You were three blocks away, sitting in an empty house.  How could you forgive yourself if something had happened?

Thui: I’m not a doctor.

Perry: What are you? Hmm?  What exactly do you do, for anyone? You have become a robot.

Thui: Brother!

Perry:  You sit in an empty house, waiting on someone who will never come back.  Waiting on a goddamn witch!

Thui: She instructed me to await her return.

Perry: And you obeyed.  There’s no shame in that.  Many men obeyed her.  Everyone comes in when the storm’s fury fills the sky.  But, brother, the sky is clear.  To continue to cower is shameful.

Thui: …

Perry: …

Thui:  Thank you for coming, brother.  Tell Cass I’m happy for her.  And your baby girl.  Give her a belated happy birthday from her uncle.

Perry:  Come tell her yourself.

Thui: Goodbye, brother.

*door closing*

Thui: …

Thui ….

Thui:  Come back soon.

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