Interlude: Answerer

Time:  The night of Fourth Fist’s linking

Place: Answerer’s quarters


Answerer (whispering) : Showtime.

*a button is pressed, music begins playing*

*music continues for several minutes*

*slight bang*

Answerer: Aaaagh!

Prevailer: Heh

Answerer: *heavy breathing*

Prevailer: Some future see-er you are.  Can’t even tell when your boss is going to drop in on you.  Say…what’s this music?

Answerer: I’m sorry, Boss.  It’s just something that Reverter made for-

Prevailer: Shit, I know this song.  This is “I’m right behind you, motherfucker”.  This is great!  I had this cd, way back in the day.

Answerer: It’s Yours.

Prevailer: No, you are mine.  Stuff belongs to whoever is holding it.  Only people can get scared enough to have owners.

Answerer: As You say.

Prevailer: Do the thing.  See the future.

Answerer: *humming noise*

Answerer: Ask.

Prevailer: Fourth Fist is getting Linked tonight, if you were right about that.  When I ask them what they want, what will they ask for?

Answerer: There are many possibilities.

Prevailer: *knuckle cracking sound*

Answerer: My apologies, Boss.  I mean that how You ask them will pick what they ask for.  What do You want them to ask for?

Prevailer: Something that isn’t too much trouble.

Answerer: They are mostly scared of annoying You.  None of their requests will task Your resources.

Prevailer: Ok, well, mostly I want Dale to be cool with it when we fuck. What’s the best way to ask them so they ask for something that makes that happen.

Answerer: If you send Subtracter to test their Link by killing…


3 thoughts on “Interlude: Answerer

  1. Huh. Still the distinctly rapey “when we fuck” not “if”, but it’s an interesting bit of…humanity? empathy? that she’s interested in Dale being OK with things.

    1. It kind of reminds me of her observation in Prevailer 1:2 ” He gave a nod. It looked kind of frightened, which was understandable, but a bit disappointing.” Maybe she finds him sexier when he’s not afraid, or something like that.

      Or we could optimistically take the authors word about a redemption arc! Let’s hope for that.

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