Interlude: Answerer

Time:  The night of Fourth Fist’s linking

Place: Answerer’s quarters


Answerer (whispering) : Showtime.

*a button is pressed, music begins playing*

*music continues for several minutes*

*slight bang*

Answerer: Aaaagh!

Prevailer: Heh

Answerer: *heavy breathing*

Prevailer: Some future see-er you are.  Can’t even tell when your boss is going to drop in on you.  Say…what’s this music?

Answerer: I’m sorry, Boss.  It’s just something that Reverter made for-

Prevailer: Shit, I know this song.  This is “I’m right behind you, motherfucker”.  This is great!  I had this cd, way back in the day.

Answerer: It’s Yours.

Prevailer: No, you are mine.  Stuff belongs to whoever is holding it.  Only people can get scared enough to have owners.

Answerer: As You say.

Prevailer: Do the thing.  See the future.

Answerer: *humming noise*

Answerer: Ask.

Prevailer: Fourth Fist is getting Linked tonight, if you were right about that.  When I ask them what they want, what will they ask for?

Answerer: There are many possibilities.

Prevailer: *knuckle cracking sound*

Answerer: My apologies, Boss.  I mean that how You ask them will pick what they ask for.  What do You want them to ask for?

Prevailer: Something that isn’t too much trouble.

Answerer: They are mostly scared of annoying You.  None of their requests will task Your resources.

Prevailer: Ok, well, mostly I want Dale to be cool with it when we fuck. What’s the best way to ask them so they ask for something that makes that happen.

Answerer: If you send Subtracter to test their Link by killing…


2 thoughts on “Interlude: Answerer

  1. Huh. Still the distinctly rapey “when we fuck” not “if”, but it’s an interesting bit of…humanity? empathy? that she’s interested in Dale being OK with things.

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