Character Description: Haunter

A number of readers have mentioned that I rarely describe how characters appear in any great detail.  I’ve decided to try and remedy this in the Monday morning updates.


Haunter is an older women, neither particularly tall nor short.  She’s thin, and slightly bent over.  Her hair is greying, her face is lined.  She’s white, her hair and eyes are brown.  She generally wears threadbare and worn clothing, and occasionally carries a firearm.  Her hair is cut medium length in the back, short in the front, no bangs.

The easiest mistake to make when you picture Haunter is to imagine her an ancient.  She’s in her sixties, not her nineties.  The reason that everyone is impressed by Haunter’s age is that people do not live very long in this setting.

She moves around like a much younger person, and generally exhibits a grace that a lot of characters in the setting lack.  This stems from letting various athletes and such assist with basic motor control, and from the fact that while wearing a number of shades her strength is multiplied.

In conversation Haunter tends to be caring and deeply interested in what’s going on.  She will generally take the lead in most conversations, and is more comfortable extracting information via a series of questions rather than letting the situation develop naturally.  She is a compulsive planner, but adapts easily to most setbacks with the aid of her passengers.

Most people who know Haunter like her.

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