Character Description : Indulger

Indulger is fairly young man, towering and muscular.  He looks like a modern body builder or pro wrestler, just a towering and intimidating person.  He’s bald, light skinned and entirely without scarring.  He generally wears as little clothes as he can get away with, typically just cargo shorts or similar.  Fancy occasions will see him don shirts or tactical gear, but he never wears anything on his feet.

Indulger stands out a lot more in TFD’s time than he would in ours.  People basically don’t lift or work out in the Regime, which leaves him nearly twice the size of a lot of people that he meets.  The only other character who is roughly his size is Pursuer, the werewolf.

He sort of lumbers about, crashing through things and slumping onto them with a notable lack of grace.  This is mostly an act, he isn’t actually as clumsy as he pretends to be.  Dale finds it puts people at ease if he affects to be an oaf, and like many such disguises this has definitely seeped into his actual self image to some extent.

In conversation Indulger generally speaks slowly, without giving his words much thought.  He shies away from complicated concepts, and strives to simplify things down to a level where he can engage with them.  He is somewhat child like, although recently that particular quality has been eroding.

Most people who know Indulger like him.

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