Chatter : 3

DRex: I can’t say you didn’t warn me.

Dragon: Don’t beat yourself up about it.

DRex: They didn’t seem evil.  I swear they didn’t.

Dragon: Good people don’t join Fists.

DRex: They are going down.

Dragon: I’ll help out with that.

DRex: Aren’t you still overseas?

Dragon: They pulled me back.  You’ve probably noticed the buildup?

DRex: Nope.  They aren’t telling the Intervention Groups shit.  What buildup?

Dragon: They are pulling Ultrahuman reserves in from all across the Union, pointing us at the Front.  If the Regime makes a push we are so screwed.  Everyone who ever got processed is getting moved down to back you up.

DRex: Why?  I know they waved off a Gauntlet strike on our mutual friends when they joined up with a Pantheon team.  Is it the idea of the Pantheon and the Regime talking that has them so spooked?

Dragon: Man, who can say how daggers think?  But I don’t think that’s it.  I think there is something else.

DRex: What could possibly be worse than Fourth Fist and the Union teamed up?  You know they still haven’t got Meghan and the others they mind washed back to normal?

Dragon: I think it is the big push.  I think the Pantheon is finally going to send the Grand Host west.

DRex: Let em come.  We aren’t scared.

Dragon: Yeah…

Dragon: Maybe we should be.

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